How should a dive shop fill my tank???

Hello everyone this is my first post in here and I would like to know how the dive shop employee should fill my tank? Is there any special technique they should use? I read somewhere that the seals can be messed up if filled wrong and I worry they do what ever if they have to go around a corner to fill the tank. 😕

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Thank you !!!

Skull; Let the dive shop employees do their job. The reason the tanks are taken “around the corner” is not to do heinious thing to your tank. The workers take the tank to the fill station and immerse the tank in water while filling to cool the thing while filling. This aids in obtaining a full tank of air for you. I’ve seen immersion tanks out front of the shop and in the ugly work areas. It’s their choice as business people where these are placed. No worries.

The only seal that could be in question would be the “O” ring at the top of the valve. That’s the interface and port you use to fill your tank by the way. These do become worn with age and do blow out but are cheap to replace. These pieces of rubberized silicone can be replaced at the dive shop where you have your tank filled.

I hope this helps. AKULA

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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