Hoover and Harley

What is the difference between a Hoover and a

The location of the dirt bag.

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what did one lesbian vampire say to another?

see ya next month

I’ve never heard the last name of Fitzmicheal….

The joke I heard (In Ireland too…) was Patrick Fitgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick……

(9 Hundred Google responses to Fitzmichael, 7 Million for Fitzpatrick and 22 million for Fitzgerald)

Now this is some funny shit……………………………..

How come Faggots where ribbed condoms? So they get better traction in the mud.

What do you call Raggedy Anne with a stone in her mouth? Cotton rocksucker.

how can you tell your at a gay b-b-q?

all the hot dogs taste like shit


That was great! That’s the funniest that I’ve heard in a while.

Since were on the subject of gay.

Why are gay women faster than gay men at preparing to go out for the night?

The lesbians are going lickety-split, and the guys are still packing their shit.

Shouldnt that be Michael Fistspatrick and Patrick Fistsmichael?

whats are the names of two gay irish men?

michael fitspatrick,patrick fitsmichael

You can only get one dirt bag on a hoover……….

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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