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    I donโ€™t think he fell. I bet he was pushed.



    That is without a doubt, the strangest EGG PLANT I have ever seen. Stay off the roof!!!!

    LarryW ๐Ÿ˜›



    Hey there is life here! Just the other day was cleaning gutters for the last time , Yea Right . And then see this, Holy sheet man. Had a neighbor Two doors down wasn’t as fortunate .


    quote Hoot post_id=389994 time=1559664214 user_id=1794:

    Dear Mutants…

    You can all suck my withered dick!

    Soon, I will have a laminate stock for my .25, 67 FPE, silent, Veteran Long and you won’t have jack squatโ€ฆ

    The world is going to hell…young women are giving away sex…you can’t afford a top end truck any more, nuclear warheads now have “dial-a-yield”, we have South Americans taking free buses to our borders, getting free food, lodging, and being dropped off at bus stations to go where they please. The members of our Congress can’t pass a simple budget, Socialist politicians are demanding we get rid of “Democracy” and give everyone a free ride. LBGTQ members demand access to both bathrooms, and some Americans might even be granted “reparations” to pay them back for something that happened to their ancestors a century ago! Equality is one thing, but reparations????

    Our problem is there is little in air guns to get excited about…wait for months/years to get…our hobby is flooded with fully equipped gear at every price range. Fuck!

    I long for the old days….when “Third Base” was major news, and ice cream was a dime! Before Oak went to prison and Joe Chemtrail was posting his lunatic ideas….

    Kindly ‘Ol Uncle Hoot:

    Whew! Now that’s getting back to true hootliness and accompanying disturbing images. Glad you’re alright, mostly!
    Not all is bad with the new scene, you know. Folks were largely modifying some decent air guns which seemed to always have some design defect. You could waste days trying to get the old Condors to shoot half as well as a Weihrauch springer, (which was mostly learning the hold). My R3M .25 needed major mods to get it functioning well. How about the early Vulcan .25s with the crappy bolts; you had to slam them forward so hard, the target animals within 300 yds all fled. Personally, I’m glad the newer AGs don’t need as much aftermarket fixing. If I want to fix something, I’ll dig into my ’98 chevy. Better to spend time getting the shot placements. Besides, sooner or later everyone is gonna have to fix worn-out parts, and return to the old days of fixing stuff. Tell you what I hate, as a fellow geezer, fuckin spell check! I write “F-u-x-i-n-g” and the stink in’ (there it is again, goddammit) and the coding nerds big-brother my typing!

    Yeah, politics is as bad as ever. Americans turning on each other because of angry talk show idiots who bitch and can’t solve a problem, blaming “the other side” because angry viewers are entertained without having to think. Meanwhile do-nothing congress is a misnomer-they do something: get rich. Insider trading, enjoy the ride, make excuses. At least, for now, the gov. is unlikely to start slapping controls over our hobby.

    The only thing I miss about the “old days” was the weather. For the past two years, it’s raining all the time. For the first time in my 40+ years of growing vegetables, crops, they’re failing because it’s too dark and like a rainforest. We’re spending a fortune keeping dehumidifiers going all year, even when we’re heating with a wood stove! This shit IS disturbing. This was a major production area for corn, but folks are giving up; it’s worse than drought. Trees are down everywhere from the muddy soil. Tornadoes barely missed us recently; we were lucky this time.

    Hoot: dammit, man, keep off the roof! I know it’s a great place to sniper chickens, but you need to keep those old bones closer to ground level or you’ll be under it.



    I miss the intercourse (Social) that used to take place on this forum.

    WOK must be dead from his syphilitic sphincter infection. I told him not to have sex outside his species…but NO!!!, he didn’t listen.

    I’m alone…all the dumb fucks I used to lower my social standards to toy with have left, or been committed to state facilities for a number of bad decisions.

    I still think FX is over-priced and over-rated.

    Several of our members have become name brand whores…selling their souls for money.

    We’re all totally fucked!!!

    Kind regards,

    Uncle Hoot:



    Hey bogman where do you live to get all that rain? I have noticed the same thing here I Maryland. It is raining all the time. Causing problems with corn and soy production. Messing with my vegetables also. Kind of scary.



    I am getting messages from 2013 from this forum. The forum must be changing? Looks like my last few posts are missing. Anyone else noticing strange phenomena? ๐Ÿ™‚



    Coda somethings wrong on this forum. I can’t figure shit out on here.



    I got a few post that just came up missing, Gone, zip, disappeared,



    This might explain it now (new forum). ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I just picked off a chipmunk with the Baby Cricket. It has been a fierce summer of backyard pests. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just went to resupply the sunflower seeds and someone had bought the entire pallet of 50 lb. bags at the farm store.

    The summer here has been relatively mild for the Missouri Ozarks after a wet spring and a hot first half of July. I have been trying to spot a bear in the area from the motorcycles. We had an open house meeting called up by the department of conservation to tell us they redid the 2008 bear population estimate and we have three times more bears than they though a few months ago. There are so many sightings they asked the media to stop reporting them because it was freaking a few out.

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    What a relief….and you sub-humans all thought I was nuts!!! Last laugh is mine…

    Kindly ‘Ol Uncle Hoot

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    Take good care Uncle Hoot… we are not getting young no more

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