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    it was a cold and scary night when the crazy dane decided to build a home made nuclear reactor to warm his house with the ever rising oil prices…..as the 5000 smoke detectors was emtied for radioactive material the project took shape….and soon the radioactive glow was visible

    ok as many know i got some of those outdoor IR cameras to keep an eye on the squirrel invasion….one problem has been at night their IR is not strong enough to throw the light very far….

    solution has been to mount the cam close to where the target was going to appear….

    not good enough a solution had to be made….

    tried running IR LED’s of a 9v battery…battery was drained fast as hell…regulator burnt out…no good….

    to keep thing portable to be able to illuminate where needed a 15mill candela 12v flashlight…..was modded with a few IR LED’s…most of them 100mw, and some special 450mw ones

    some info for those who want to do this for your self….serial connect 8 LED’s and they will run just fine of the batterys 12-13v….no need for anything else…need more light…add 8 more…again seriall connect the 8
    more and hoock up to battery…and so on….

    the 12v gel battery has 17 amps….and with my setup of 32 led’s, can run for about 11 hours…so says the calculation…i actually think it can run even longer….pretty cheap…the flashlight was 30 bucks at costco…leds are 10 on ebay…super powerfull light for 40 bucks…and it can still use the regular car bulb, cool thing about using IR Led is that you cant really see them….unlike if i added an IR filter to the flashlight…

    i know the holes and such are symetrical and all…was a kinda mod as we went along experiment….

    this might work well with a 1st gen nightvision, its way to bright for my second gen…and actually makes it worse in the scenarios i have tried…making the light portions lighter and the shadows darker…

    the Swann Night cameras like it however…and this was what it was made for

    my best friend from denmark came to visit me this month and is going to drive with us across the states….

    he brought a IR illuminator 220v 300w SOB…this is a device that uses a lightbulb of 300w, and had an IR filter infront of it….and its mounted in a gigantic aluminium housing, to keep things cool….its meant to light up parking spaces for survailance camras it emits quite a bit of heat since heat is IR so i guess that makes sense…to the naked eye it has a low red glow to it…sorry dont have picture of the unit it self…but this lamp sure does light up everything big time…

    still its 220v, gotta find a replacement bulb for 115v and see what i can do then….

    lastly i got a surefire M1 10mw illuminator…this works great with my second gen, but can hardly show up on the cameras.

    enjoy first the 300w….then the modded 12v flashlight with 16 IR LED (havent gotten a movie of it with 32)….and lastly the M1

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