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Has anyone tried to make their own pellets? I’ve talked to Corbin and swaging sounds really intresting. I know there is no way to come out on price but designing my own pellet would be fun. They have custom, adjustible dies to allow pretty much any idea you could come up with.

Also who makes a reamer for .22 air gun barrels. Did some measuring and my condor has a fairly short throat. If I start rolling my own I might want to throat my barrel out a few thousand’s to use a longer (heavy’er) pellet.

I’m going to do this after Christmas. If it works would any one be intrested in .22 pellets from 10 to 100 grains?

Round nose, solid with no skirt but a cupped base of a thickness that works in our guns.

Start up cost is not that bad.

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There was a guy who swaged some pellets in 30 and 35gr weights in .22 along with the other big bore calibers. Solid lead and also solid lead with copper tops. Not as accurate as regular pellets and they had a flat back and a round nose with a small shoulder. Website was http://www.pelletman.com but he quit sold most of his stuff to Pyramidair and they continue to sell the .50, 9mm versions.


Those, but smaller and no cavity in the back is what the .22 looked like. I still have a few I think and will take a picture.

Very hard to load and not as accurate as a real pellet, but they packed a punch.

Hope it works out for you.

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