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First let me say what a fantastic quality of workmanship you guys turn out.
Secondly all the guns seem to be based around one design,am i correct in asuming this?
Thirdly i really want to build my own pcp field target rifle to use here in England can anybody provide drawings for me.I have my own small workshop complete with Lathe,milling machine and drill press and the know how to use it.
Heres hoping someone is kind enough to help yours Mark


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always a pleasure.
would love to see some production pictures and notes if you ever get round to building it.

afreaka, thanks for sharing 😀

I’ve seen references to his gun before, nice to see how he did it, added to my ever growing “to-do” list 8)

Caselman Air Machine Gun

Looks pretty cool. for those living under more liberal gun laws, clicking on more info on the description will lead you to page with plans to build the gun, or follow this link:


the page is in portugese – just type caselman into the text box and you’re good to go.
Plans are in english.

HM Buckley’S book seems to be a bit of a bible for newbies getting into building pcp’s, I haven’t gotten a copy yet because I fear I might have to sell my wife to get all the tooling equipment together.
Well anyway – he’s got a new book out, just read about it here:


might be of some help for somebody interested

baz mate i,m well impressed with this one .between u and bubba your showing all up very nice work mate . can,t wait to sc it all finished and stocked up . 😀

Blodnob, I want to build mine too. I have sent you a psmg asking for the plan. Thanks a lot.


I sent you a pmsg asking for these plans. please get back with me and let me know if I can get them.
Thanks for taking the time.
Just found this site today, as a journeyman toolmaker, I have to tell you guys I have seen some very impressive work shown here. Hope to post my own soon. I love the concept of these rifles, but sure can’t see paying the big bucks for them. I must build my own.

Looking good Baz , did you buy the trigger unit or have you been polishing things (as Blodnod says) lol. As far as im concerned , im yet to figure out if im brave or just dam stupid , for going the indexing rotary mag way! L8r

Thanks Blobnob, PM sent 😀

No problem. I also have to send a set to another chap at the same time as i forgot. 😳

WOW some great work going on here, getting me all inspired 😯

lack of knowledge is holding me back at this point, reading as much as I can find.

Blobnob are those plans you mentioned in a digital format? would I be able to get a copy?



That depends on which side of the Atlantic you live. The magazine in the picture cost
me £21. But I have heard the 12 shot 22 ones cost about £50. So if you convert these prices into dollars they would look expensive. But there are alot of second-hand Theoben mags floating around the air-gun forums. So there will be a bargain out there somewhere.

Very nice set up.

Those magazines get a little pricey don’t they?

Here’s some more pictures as promised. I decided to use a Theoben magazine because i’m not as brave as Bubba, I don’t think I would be able to make my own indexing system, so by using this magazine you have a choice of magazine sizes.

The air cylinder on the action is the short one off a Verminator. I have used this one because it only holds a small amount of air, so its ideal for testing and stripping down to tune the valve to set the power.

Are they also available in under hedgy for extra sneaky shooting 😆

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)

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