Highest output valve for .22 and .25 Condor?


My apologies if this has been discussed many times over on this forum, but I did not see how to search existing threads.  So here is my question.

I have a 2012 Condor with 24″ barrel in .22 and I am starting to use the 27 and 30 grain bullets now for a better BC because we are having some fun in local competition at 100 yards. I currently use the stock Condor 480cc tank with the High-Flo Valve.

What is the most powerful aftermarket valve for the stock AirForce 480cc tank?  Would there a noticeable advantage in using the TalonTunes 580cc carbon tank with their Super High Output (SHO) valve over the stock AirForce Condor setup?

And finally, is there an even better valve and tank setup not mentioned above that does not require me to have special tools and a home shop?  If so, what and thru what source?  I would be open to a 63-68 cu. in. carbon fiber tank with valve if one is available.

Many thanks for any help with these questions.


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you can upgraded to the new ring loc valve from airforce I has more power and tophat that screw on for different calibers and power settings

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