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I have asked a few questions on a few of the threads here where I see some of us asking the same questions to some degree… So I want to start a new thread here in fear of hy-jacking someone elses LOL…

I am just wondering how some of the regualr scopes you see forsale around in the 8-32 power range work against each other??? This power range would not exclude the Bushnell 6500 4.5-30 power mil-dot they have now either… So, lets say power wise long as it’s from 30 power or more and a variable power range…

Points I am interested in:

How clear the optics are on the highest power setting? This would be the biggest concern I have…

Next how well they work as you move the scope in and out making shots that vary from close up to far off and back, repeatable??? This would be kind of a good thing to be concerned about also…

Affordable??? Money gets in the way of everything around here so this would be important as well…

Mil-Dots only for me as well as Side Focus… Others are all great and fine, just that this is what I am interested in hear from you guys that have some of these…

Like the leapers 8-32 SF scope, they are nicely priced and all, Mil-Dot, I just don’t know how clear they are on the higher power range???

I have a Nikko- Nighteater 6-24, its not very clear on the higher power settings and for sure when it starts to get darker outside like right about dusk, you might as well dial the power out and take your best guess as to what your looking at…

My thing here is I like to glass more than I do anyone thing. Yes I have bino’s and they don’t offer the close up views we can get from scopes among these sorts of power ranges in the 30-40 power ranges… I just need to know what some of you have and what you guys think of these features I have listed as concerns please…

I don’t want to spend 300 bucks for something that is not very clear optics that I could add another 150-200 bucks and get something way better, if that makes any sense… I want something I can look through and see things up close and clear… Without buying the S&B’s or others that are 1000’s of dollars and don’t see things closer than 50 yards LOL…

I will say I don’t have to have the 10 yard focus, but would be nice if it did… I have somewhat thought the 4.5-30 Bushnell 6500 scope to be one of close bids to being a good scope for me. I like the idea of the 4.5 power for fast finding things in brush and trees. Then the fact the Bushnell glass has always been somewhat a great glass, just have not looked through these 6500 series and don’t have a clue how they are up close ranges and if when on high power, they clear or not. They are not cheap either… If there is a cheaper scope like the MTC-Viper 8-32, and it has good clear sharp optics on high power, I would need to hear this from you guys… I like the fact these scopes have the special recticle for air guns… Another one I have read to be good is the Seal Optics, they have a 8-32X50 that is said to have good optics, its also said to be 10 yard focus, only 275 bucks… Seems to good to be true it usually is???

Heck I know nothing more than what I have read and asked the guy that sells these… Have a look see at this here: Well the hyper link went to the bottom of the page guys, sorry… Not sure whats with that, but its there…

So what have you guys got and looked through and what do you all think of these… Which one for the money guys, in this power range???



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I’ve heard good things about the Vortex Scopes!


Check this Sale @ SWFA

Vortex 6-24×50 front AO Crossfire Rifle Scope @ $99.95



Vortex VIP warranty: Repair or replace your Vortex product for any reason at NO CHARGE TO YOU. It doesn’t matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it.

* Unlimited lifetime Warranty
* Fully transferable
* No warranty card to fill out
* No receipt needed to hang on to

If you ever have a problem, no matter the cause, we promise to take care of you.

From the Vortex web site.

Sam 😀

I have owned a Bushnell 6500 and I currently own a Zeiss Conquest. The Zeiss is better. The 6500 is a great scope but I found it very picky on parallax and focus. I also own the new Hawke Sidewinder 30 Tactical with the half mildot reticle. I love this reticle!!! The down side is the scope’s weight but you do get a lot of features with it and did I mention that I love the reticle!?! This is a good scope if you don’t mind a heavier scope and I’ll take the extra weight for that awesome new reticle.

The Zeiss has the best optics out of all the scopes I have mentioned but if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, you have to check out the scopes from Vortex. They also have the best warranty out there. Vortex optics have a transferable, unlimited and unconditional lifetime warranty! I think these are the best bang for the buck and recommend the Diamondback or the Viper line, but even the super affordable Crossfire line has good optics. If only the Vortex Diamonback or Viper had Hawke’s new reticle!


Have you considered the new Hawke Sidewinder Tactical? They have a High Mag scope now and everyone I speak to is comparing them to the Bushy scopes.

I bought one in 4.5-14x44mm and do love it.

The reticle is amazing. Thin, illuminated (adjustable), and has half-mil-dot lines between the mil-dots.

Crazy nice scope in the $400 range.


Rowdy, I’ll bet that what you are seeing is the Asiatic Dove. It is a invasive species here. It is larger than a white wing, and has a black half circle or crescent around it’s neck on the back of the neck. They are a non-game species and can be shot any time. 😉

Texas wants them gone, as they are displacing the Morning Doves.


Holy Shit batman did ya see the cost for that set of single base windage/elevation compensating (drooper ) 30mm/1″ mount………..?*

You can optically center ya scope and forget it.l


Sam 😆

Check this mount out that Leatherwood has… This thing is really something, if its made strong and with good quality…


I have never seen such for a rifle…


I don’t think they do so well even powered down… I know my Nikko is like this also, one of the things I really don’t wont to get another like it either… Like I said at the beginning, I really like to glass things while I am out with my rifles… I do more of that than I do shooting anymore really LOL… I like to try and ID the different creatures and see things about them even when they are up close…

I have a growing population of some sort of cross bread dove around here that are huge fat and very savy of my presents LOL… I have sit and glassed these big nasty dovish looking cross bred suckers to the point I could actually get zoomed way in on them and actually watch their eye’s really close and I got to the point they actually could feel me looking into their eyes and they would get all jicky and fly off for no other reason either… I was totally hid, but it was like they felt me looking at them somehow… It was weird I tell ya’!!!

Then of coarse the actual shooting of them does have a lot to do with this, but they couldn’t see me and I know they can’t hear my Condor SS as she is LOL… The MTC really has a nice looking recticle… Its nothing like the recticle of the Horus but its not 1500 bucks either LOL…

I also really like the sounds of how the Leatherwood uni-dial sounds… The 7-30X50mm with the top angled AO sidewheel adjuster just reads out nice with how you have the 10 pins you can adjust for different ranges, which would be great for an air rifle… The bad thing opticsplanet took it off sale as of last night I just found out… They had this scope for 299 and now its back to over 450 bucks now… Sure just keep screwing things up while I am being so picky and have way to many rules…

Don’t get me wrong Rowdy, its a good scope and I like mine. Its worth the $484 I paid for it. I’m be hyper critical as well. I just want to pouint out everything, however small, I don’t like. But with scopes, you really gotta look through them first……


I wonder how close they will focus if you turn down the mag. a bit?


quote pablouk:

quote knifemaker:

I’ve never looked thru one. But they sure are good looking Scopes!


Compared to the glass you are used to looking through Mike, I reckon you would vomit… 😆


Good one dude, I have the same feelings you do as well dude… KM, has way to nice of scopes for him to be even somewhat amused LOL…

I have seen where the Bushy 6500 4.5-30 scope I had just about felt would be the best of the lot for my budget doesn’t really focus down very close at all… Kind of bums me out too…

Guess I really need to make a gun show or two and try picking a cheaper scope out that has the exceptional glass in it unlike all the others right beside it LOL…

Throwing the side focus in the mix that I want really limits all the scopes…
The Viper MTC really has the stuff I like, just not sure it has the clear optics I would like… May have to re-think all this and lower my choices of features down some…

quote knifemaker:

I’ve never looked thru one. But they sure are good looking Scopes!


Compared to the glass you are used to looking through Mike, I reckon you would vomit… 😆

I’ve never looked thru one. But they sure are good looking Scopes!


quote Rowdy:


The Viper you have, is this the MTC-Viper?? What power is it and how are the clicks and optics on it dude??? Give us the run down on how it works for you please???

Its the MTC Viper 8-32×60
Clicks are crisp, and its definately repeatable (I tested that lots)
Push to lock on the turrets can be a bit mushy sometimes, very dissapointed with that aspect.
It has easily resettable zero on the turrets. Turrets are BIG. Def’ good for the shooter who likes to click rather than hold over/under.
Side focus knob has a tiny bit of slack, not enough to be of any concern.
IR (1-11) is also on the side focus wheel mount which works well. Anything more than 4 on the IR and severe washout occurs.
Eye relief is about 3.0 in at x10 2-2.5 at x32 mag.
Reticule is very good, very fine, half and full mildots, including windage.
At x10 mag, the world lights up when you look through it. At dusk, I can’t see into the deep shadows at all. Look through the scope and you would swear it was 1 or 2 hrs earlier in the day. Not so impressed beyond x 24 mag. Good enough, but def’ a little hazing going on around the edges.
Comes with lots of goodies (but no mounts as with the lesser models )

Ouch, me fingers hurt….



The Viper you have, is this the MTC-Viper?? What power is it and how are the clicks and optics on it dude??? Give us the run down on how it works for you please???

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