Hi Everyone! ‘New here & ‘Thinking about a Talon SS .22

(in C02)

I just purchased an 850 AirMagnum in .177. And, after selling a couple of other guns, I have a little over $400 to work with. And, initially was thinking about getting a springer like the R7 to go along with the 850. Then; I ran across the Air Force line. Very cool! 😀 Much of yesterday, I did research, and I am really liking the Talon SS.

I see that Pyramyd has a nice package for $483.50: TALON SS CO2 – adapter & 20-oz. CO2 tank Powerful CO2, caliber – 0.22″, open sights.

That looks really sweet! So; What are everyone’s thoughts on going C02 to begin with? And, does the tank that is included just get filled at a paintball store? Interesting thing is that I have a large C02 tank w/gauges that I used when I homebrewed. Is there a way that might be implemented?

In my backyard, I can shoot out to 50yds+.


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I started out with the talon ss .22 on co2, works great for urban stuff at under 20 yards, has plenty of power for squirrels, and is very quiet.

I ran into problems with hunting with co2, the temp really affects things especially at longer ranges. Two times my trip was spoiled with bad co2 bottles. (if you go this route always have two bottles)

Now I am on HPA, and loving it, it allows for a more consistent velocity (regardless of the temp) This gives me the confidence to take good longer shots.

I still have my co2 adaptor and I will use it for plinking and at close ranges.

Hope this helps.


Now…. I’m thinking about holding off for a Condor, perhaps.

Welcome Greg…
Glad to have you here.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! 😀

I jumped on the thread where Chad introduced himself. If I go the Talon SS route, I’m sure, I’ll most likely begin with C02. And, as I mentioned before, I already have a big C02 tank.

Might be one of the very few who prefer CO2 and one who prefers 5mm. Yes..ithe short 12″ barrel of the SS is low powered (real world figures are in the 10-11.5 foot pound range) and if you want more power, are going to have to go with air. Yes, cold weather and co2 are not a good combination (but even today, it was in the low to middle 70’s here). Once I got the 5mm barrel and co2 adaptor, I’ve put away the air tank and long barrel, staying with co2.

It is quiet. OF course, it should be…using less gas at lower pressure than PCP, so the noise level is much lower. Some of the ideas on this site for improving the quietness can bring it down even farther.

I don’t need the power or range, using the TalonSS for semi-urban pest control and practice. Basically, the CO2 TalonSS will do what a multi-stroke pneumatic Sheridan will do. (can get better than the quoted vel. when using light weight 5mm pellets…standard 5mm/ 14.3gr. pellets will be in the 560-565fps range).

the other good point is that even using the small 9oz. bottles, get between 400-and 500 shots per bottle (paintball shop’s fill of 9oz. is $3). So basically, will screw on a 9oz. tank and oipen a 500 count tin…when the tin is getting low, expect to be running out of gas.

Hi Greg, and welcome to TAG.

I bought my SS with a CO2 adapter, but it had a sharp burr in the female threads. So I returned it and saved $100, which I put toward an AF pump that serves me well. What I found out was that shooting a Crosman Premier .22 cal. 14.3 grain pellet at 800fps was fun! Why would I ever want to shoot at reduced velocities? I get 600 fps, (or less), out of my Benjamin 392 if I want less power.

I guess that what I am trying to say is that I really enjoy the power and accuracy of my Talon SS powered with HPA. With a few simple modifications, you can really quiet them down too.

I had a Beeman R9 for a couple of weeks that made crunching sounds when I cocked the barrel. It also didn’t shoot hard enough for me. It was beautiful, but it just didn’t do what I wanted it to do, and it was heavy. Before that I had a .22 caliber CFX by Gamo. It had problems and Gamo didn’t care. They basically told me to go pound sand. Thanks Gamo. Fortunately I had purchased it through PyraminAir and was able to return it within their 30 day return policy. That’s why I recommend them. My quest for power ended with the purchase of my SS. I must confess that after being here on TAG for a while, I want a Condor, in .25, just because I think they’re cool.

Well welcome, and I am sure that the other guys will say hello and give your their two cents.

I hear that your 850 is a great plinker. My friend has one in .22 caliber that he loves.

Co2 is cool, but you’ll get less power than with HPA. Not sure how big your Co2 tank is, but I have a 20 pounder. You can get a ‘Fill station’ at the paintball store and fill the bottles yourself, which is what I do. Just attach it to the main valve on the tank. Cheaper in the long run and no more more contant trips to the paintball store to re-fill. I have a modded Crosman 2250 and a SS, and have a HPA tank and a Co2 tank, so I can now fill for both guns right here at home. The way to go if you shoot alot.

Edit: By the way welcome to this forum, I’m pretty new here myself!

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