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    I’ve used this configuration for some time now, and it works well, cheap, and all materials readily available. The drilled white washer is urethane and fits down against the barrel. Well outside of the crown, can’t see any way for it to affect the trajectory. The bore is about 1/2″, It provides a place for the rest of the baffles to rest against, yet allows air to escape rearward to the space between the bushings and vented from the frame. The rod is 1/4″ and is what i used for winding the hardware cloth on. The tube is standard 1″ ali tubing. Look at the link a couple threads below and these pics. You should be able to come up with something similar. Being thick wire mesh its very durable and not likely to collapse like say maybe hair curlers, or something similar. The weak link is the felt washers, so far they have not proved to be a problem. Being a spun mesh it tries to unspin at any oppourtunity, which helps as you place it into the frame or tubing. It tightens up all on its own. I have made a hook from clothes hanger wire so i can pull the baffles out if necessary. They fit in that tight. I haven’t made any of this up its, from research done into .22rimfire supressors and if it works for that then it will work for our application.

    This is what i used in my 12″ TSS frame. The PVC slides over the barrel and extends about 2″. Then the urethane bushing sits ontop of the PVC and a series of copper tubing cut to 1″ and 3/4″ spaced out with fender washers is used till i’m to the end of frame. Works just as well as what is pictured above. The noise from the tank or the pellets impact is louder then the gun going off.

    If you try either of these designs let me/others know how it works. I’ve tried quite a few designs maybe all that has been posted from home modders. Below is another which works well. The weirwach commercial sound supressor. Again easily duplicated and reputed to be one of the quietest in the industry. Whos going shopping this weekend ❓


    After trying them all, do any stand out as superior in noise reduction to the others?


    Now that is some freakin Hillbilly Engineering….LOL

    Good job. Looks like it would be very effective.


    the felt will probably get unraveled into the path of the pellet at some point…just put a lighter to the hole…so the fibers melt together…that should sort it …if it happens….

    that wierauch LDC looks like the looked at this forum and went with haircurlers lol


    Has anyone experimented with drilling small holes in the fender washers ?


    In my standard SS, I had 6 “solid” baffles (nylon faucet washers instead of metal fender washers). Worked well but in the quest for quiet I drilled 8 vent holes in three of them (similar to how those here drill the front barrel bushing) and put them in alternating solid/vented/solid etc allowing some air to vent between chambers. It did make a noticable difference (at least to my ears).


    Not bad hey WOK, a little midwest ingenuity that and a lack of lathe mostly :lol:.

    CygX, yes the felt needs to be watched (especially at higher fpe’s) and i do use a lighter to singe, good point. I would have went with fenders but Ace didn’t have the exact ones i wanted.

    Pilgrim, hard to say as i changed out setups with the barrel change. They are both as quiet in each application to my ears. The biggest difference i can see/understand is the rolled mesh vs. the copper tubeing which just works to break up the air. The mesh i see as muchmore disruptive to the flow of air. In a sense trapping it, i think. Its not me design just adapted from the link i found.

    Johnson, The washers work to break up and leave behind the air, not pass it through. I don’t see any advantage in venting the washers. A big help in decompressing the system is to vent the front bushing and the frame, i can’t overstate how effective that is to the system. After i did this i was pretty surprised how much air escaped with the foregrip off. Then i understood how it works with the frame or shroud.

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