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    I’m shooting an old Condor with a .25 cal LW (choked) barrel prepared by Tony. I have the carbon fiber bottle that Tony sells and I fill it to 250 bar. I have Tony’s one piece hammer and heavy spring. I have Tony’s QC top hat with no restrictor (wide open). I’m launching 37gr Rat Sniper HPs at 1050 to 1100 FPS for roughly 100 FPE. My groups at 50 yards have opened up from 1″ or less to 3″-4″ and I can’t find anything wrong with my gun or scope or breech or moderator to explain it. The barrel is scrupulously clean and the bushings are tight. Nothing is loose. I suspect the only thing that I have not looked at, the valve. I think it’s the free-flow valve I think it’s called. Could this valve need overhaul? I don’t think it’s ever been serviced. Besides, I don’t think this original valve was designed to handle 250 bar. Could an old valve cause accuracy issues? Occasional I hear a loud pop and a puff of air on my cheek. I suspected damaged breech o-rings, or a defective breech. I’ve replaced both with new. No improvement. I don’t know what else to do except to overhaul the valve. Would someone among you recommend a bigger valve for higher power while I’m at it? I’m taking large pests and predators at 50-100 yards. I’ve been doing a satisfactory job until I lost accuracy. Now I dare not take a shot past 50 yards. If I have to spend big money to restore accuracy (overhaul the valve), maybe I better not throw good money after bad and get a valve that will give me more power, say 120-150 FPE. But there’s no use buying a bigger valve if I can’t restore accuracy. Do I need a new un-choked barrel for these Rat Sniper slugs? Any experienced predator hunters out there who have found the magic setup for an old style Condor?

    Any help or suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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