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Hello all! Im still alive!!!!!

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    Man its been a while. Hope all are well. Been a while and been weird since retirement. Ups and down and downs. Havnt been doing much shooting down here in Florida. Fishing was at least once a week to every other if lucky and no work shop at all. Loving the weather though. Hoping everybody else get thier head out of their rear end caves so i can stop fixing problems everywhere. Its nuts when you spend 4 years planning then everyone else drops the ball on their part one after the other. Just gotta keep chugging. On a good note its spring down here, the fish are starting to bite, the kids are settling in and im learning how to best the va into submission.

    If anyone is within a year of separation feel free to contact me, ill help you through all the things I was sold short on.

    Hopefully ill get my guns back up and running soon. Sorry for the long ansence.


    Good to hear from you 1bad……………….


    Fishing helps; it really helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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