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    Hey all.looking into a UN REGULATED bull pup.how does the flash pup look to you all with experiences with those things.wanting to get a .22. And it is AFFORDABLE!!!!!i do own a talon p and love it!!!!just looking for higher shot count.key words here AFFORDABLE and BULLPUP any insight is helpfull. Thanks.


    I heard the mags suck! When they first came out. So if ya pick one up drop back by let us know. lol I got spa rifles with sucky mags working on getting rid of them. :fishinghole:


    Red Flash Sport will be well 😉


    I just got one and the magazines haven’t given me ANY trouble…so far! I also picked up a Yong Heng compressor, and a 9L Carbon fiber 4500PSI air tank, that took a while to fill 😉 This little bullpup works great! LOVE it! Backyard friendly noise levels too. I might eventually get the Huma regulator for it…but so far it’s running great.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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