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has anyone seen the new hybrid slug?

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    No, I’m not spamming my own thread. 🙂 But Steve from Airgun Exploration and Advancement Channel just replied yes to my request that he include these H&N slugs in his airgun tests going forward. Quoting him, “Im going to start including them in the process so they’ll get a look in all the guns that come through for review.”

    OK time to get back on my meds (OCD here) 😀

    Participant I just ordered one container of these from Nielson. At 17.5 grains they’re a bit lighter than the AA Heavy pellet I shoot in my Short. At $18.00/400ct they are a bit more expensive than the AAs too ($9.99/250ct).I hope to get better distance and accuracy while being able to crank up the power for more effectiveness in accuracy,and trajectory?
    OK now I’m done.
    btw shipping was flat rate $7.00. Slug size is .2175


    OK, I was just looking around You Tube for car videos and reviews of virtual reality headsets. I stumbled upon this video about about Nielsen Specialty:


    darryl what barrel is on your mutant? CZ or Listone. My mutant .22 standard has the cz and it’s choke is .215. .217 slugs are pretty dang tight and really really tight pushing them past the choke by hand. I can chamber .217 and shoot them but accuracy isn’t worth a damn. I plan on shooting my own cast pellets and slugs but am having LW polygon no choke barrel machined for my standard. Sizing all my cast stuff to .215.


    hi miksatx,
    I own one of the famous Petr mystery barrels. Actually it’s a barrel made in the Czech Republic,maker name unknown. Petr worked with it before his troubles. He told me the barrel was made in the same fashion as the Lothar Walther barrels; button-rifling. It’s a shooter, but as yours, the choke is very tight. I’ve polished it, but the results aren’t conclusive. I’m considering an unchoked barrel for it, but only at the early stages of that learning process. Please keep me in mind. I believe I’ll soon own a bunch pf pellets that I can’t shoot. i’ll find out in a few days.


    Hay guys
    I am watching the slug as it is in development , 90 % of all my kill shots in 177, 22, and 25 are in 50 yard range,
    So I am not super quick to jump on the slug wagon,I did buy a few 19 gr 22 caliber NSA slugs never opened the box, Also some 177 NSA slugs never opened the box and cant find them right now, I seen the H&N slugs in stock in PA, But I have had four tins of 25 caliber Hades ordered since OCT, I hate to confuse the guys at PA, Christmas time is crazy anyway,I also know the BC on the Hades really sucks, But I have been impressed with the killing power of the 15.89 gr 22 Hades, I will put them right up there with the polymag POP. Not tested past 50 yards yet.Sparrows, Euro doves, Feral Pigeons, And one cat that was eye balling my Racing Homers,
    If I can get the power up on my Mutant 22 the Linstone (sp) barrel shoots anything good, The CZ barrel is picky.
    Mike How is that for rambling, LOL.


    My Listone barrel is not supposed to be chocked , That’s what I was told , Never tested it.
    My Mutant was the gun on the old video that was shown on the TAG site by Brian, (I think)
    When I bought the gun I did not know this,



    Man some text on here yesterday, that is awesome.
    I never check the much, as there is not so much going on as I would like, as it use to be.

    Darryl, no not at work, I am retired and on my smart phone. That in itself is a problem, the key board is so small, I fat finger the keys constantly.

    I will be watching the site a little more in case more going on here as yesterday!

    I am kind of wanting to see some real hands on member here with the Royal Thunder in the 22 caliber. I been fearing that may never happen with so few posting now days.

    This thread sure lit up though and that is good.

    I am a gearhead and build and repair everything. Including guns. Powderburners as well as air Rifles.

    Now that I am retired I will be doing more of this in the future. One thing I must get me is a reg tester, so as to be able to test and or adjuster. I have wanted one for awhile.

    I have a suspension that Mikes rifle may have the reg lower than the norm for most.

    More often than not, the rifle with Diablo design pellets shoot really great down to 575 fps up to 950.

    Below or above that you have to pick and choose, developing the rifle for that fps speed your wanting.

    Then to try a different pellet altogether I will start by cleaning the bore and then lube, push one of the new, slugs in this case to get a look at the profile of riflings cut in the slug.

    You may need to acquire a specific barrel for those, worse case, if really wanting to shoot those slugs. You might not though, I like the softer lead pellets for many reasons, one being the better profile cut into the pellets from the rifling.

    Its going to be most interesting to see how the slugs work here. Look forward to reading all that here. Use to be so much of all this sort of stuff on this site.

    Its how I found out about the Tiapian and their trigger, very reason I want one in the 22 Long. Considering the Royal Thunder, since Tony has those right now, just not much info on them 🙂

    The trigger is my biggest complaint on most air Rifles and some powderburners.

    I need to see if I can get back to sleep right now. You guys woke me up to early 🙂

    Later on this morning, one of you guys have to make the coffee now, I am going to need it 🙂 after this rant… When,if I wake up later.


    I gladly add fuel to this fire with some replies I got. First, a reply from H&N on Facebook. Firstmy quesyion, then the reply
    “Darryl Thomas
    More questions, if I may? Regarding shooting these slugs through a “standard” pellet rifle barrel, what advice for power level (fpe) and barrel twist rate for accuracy? Tight choke or loose choke? Most pellet barrels have a 1-in-16 or 1-in-17 twist rate, iirc. Is this going to be too slow for your slug? Or is your slug optimized for those twist rates? Also, does your testing results recommend a minimum barrel length? thank you”
    “H&N Sport
    The questions are very difficult to answer because preferences are barely recognizable. Examples: The slugs achieve comparably good results from barrels as different as the FX slugliner and the normal Weihrauch barrels. Or when comparing the Vulcan to the Cricket (both with CZ barrels), the Vulcan shows a clear preference for .217 and light slugs while the Cricket shows no preference. On top of that, we do not have all the information from the weapon makers, especially regarding the chokes and the different designs of the rifling (for example the depth of the grooves).”

    Next, I had emailed Nick Nielsen after watching the video (link I posted in this thread),and seeing his machinery. I asked him if he was interested i making slug barrels. Seems he’s doing some early work now, coincidentally, but states he’s along way off. In my reply to him I included a link to this thread. If he only looks, but does not respond, that’s still a win in my book.

    iride, good to see your input. Find them pellets, please! 🙂 Also, what .177 gun are you using? I would like to see your test results for 50 yards or less regarding wind doping with pellets vs slugs. I’ve read that slugs stabilize a bit more outside that range, which is why they seem to be preferred for long range shooting. But honestly, I’m a plinker with limited distance at my disposal. Still, slugs are very interesting, including the setup needed to shoot them accurately. I hope I don’t need to swap barrels, but if I do, well…

    rowdy,I’m retired too, but thankfully it’s a busy-enough life for me. Always stuff to do, as the wife is retired too. 🙁 Nice to know you’re a gearhead, and interested in airguns too. I hope you find that regulator testor. I thought I recalled DMan as a source? Maybe someone else could steer you. .. I’m trying to recall if I had asked Petr to reduce the regulator on my Short becaues I am an urban shooter, and lower fps is preferred. Still, I’ve cranked my sample up past 900 fps using 18 grain Air Arms pellets. Forgive me if I encourage you to keep on keepin’ on.

    All, I found H&N’s reply to be very interesting. it seems some of our guns may not need further development for slugs. It would be great to input test results to Nielsen. I can say he replies to emails so far.

    Also, can anyone recommend a source for a spare gen-1 barrel for my Mutant Short?.

    thanks all for replying,


    I be retired also. Darryl I’ve got a mutant short .22 barrel I’d part with. Here’s a pix of the hpbt slugs I’m casting the mold says their supposed to be .217 out of the mold. But in reality they’re .219 according to my calipers.
    One on the right has been sized to .215


    hi miksatx,
    could you please pm the particulars of the barrel to me?

    to all, I’ve made a nuisance of myself on the H&N Facebook page, trying to sense the degree of collaboration between it and the larger airgun barrel makers of the world. Imagine those extreme benchrest contests where the distances are increase for slugs. Imagine the opportunity to challenge FX’s dominance in that arena. Good for business and end users alike, I’d think. Also, here is the description of the H&N .217/21 grain slug on PA’s site (it looks pretty hopeful to me):

    Caliber .22″ (5.5mm)
    Ammo Type Slugs
    Suggested for Small game hunting/plinking
    Weight 21.0gr
    Ammo Shape
    Head Size 5.51 mm
    Length 6.70 mm
    Quantity 200
    Ballistic Coefficient 0.091
    Muzzle Energy 27 ft/lbs
    Muzzle Velocity 771 fps
    Energy at 25 yds 25 ft/lbs
    Velocity at 25 yds 745 fps
    Energy at 50 yds 24 ft/lbs
    Velocity at 50 yds 719 fps

    What do you guys think of these specs?


    Sent ya a PM i think lol. Still learning this site. Let me know if ya got it.


    I’d take the speacs with s grain of salt every airgun is going to shoot them different.


    miksatx, I responded to your PM. Thanks for contacting me there.

    I get what you’re saying about the specs. The proof is in the pudding, but when it comes to slugs and barrels, there are vrey many different “puddings” in the mix. Best to wait for empirical testing results from among us air-gunners. But don’t look at me. I don’t have the range to do justice to the reputation of slugs. Perhaps in the near future several here could put some slugs through their guns and report back here.

    With my Short, I’m looking forward to trying out the Nielsen 17.5-grain slugs. 27 fpe works out to 833 fps for that pellet, if my barrel does not have fps-killing drag, let alone the choke, which is not a bit less tight for the AA-18s than it was before (I managed to polish it enough to where a pellet shoved through it does not have feathered edges in the rifling marks on head and skirt).

    well, onward and upward!


    You know slugs have always been neet to try, I use to get the ringed slugs from the old Tag site, was a guy and his son doing them. I think his name was Jerry! I think.

    Had a self built AF Condor I had 177,22 and 25 barrels for shooting Jerry’s 25 cal slugs through. That thing was a cannon with those slugs. To much so for most things I was shooting. I had a butt load of time building up all the special parts I had to. Ended up with a nice setup though.

    For now all I got in a pcp is my Rapid mkII in 22. After a butt load of custom parts its really nice also. At least the trigger is good after I added the adjustable over travel stop.

    I don’t like any trigger without a over travel stop.
    Another thing this Rapid has is a 24″ barrel. That makes all the difference in the world of a pellet rifle.

    I think a 24″ barrel for 22 Veteran would really benefit them also, sure the 25 also to get more power. Now if all your going to do is shoot Diablo design pellets you don’t have to have a 24″ barrel, but if your smokin’ different projectiles you would be benefitted from the longer barrel. In a Bullpup its still not a handycap.

    My Rapid is freakin crazy on the over all length…

    Another thing I like to shoot is solid round lead ball ammo. You need smooth bore or close, like 1 twist in 38″ or even slower. Hard to come by in some caliber’s.

    I have always wondered about all those early smooth twist barrels that FX had so much darn trouble with! I tried to get some of the guys that had good air and chrony’s to try some of the 22 caliber solid rounds to see if they would group really well, even sending some of my solid rounds to a few, they never did and got there barrel replaced.

    The solid rounds if you can shoot them well and really fast, they are amazing for some stuff. I could profile my on barrel to fit whatever I needed it to fit. I just need to acquire a few other expensive things before getting into that again.

    I have been harassing my local welding supply to get me hooked back up with the 6000psi nitrogen I use to get… That way I don’t have to buy a compressor, they told me they can but its like almost 300 bucks to fill it.

    I use to get them 2 or 3 tanks at a time for purging all the stainless pipe work I was tigging up, was like a 100 bucks for 3 cylinders

    Not the case any longer. I have not given completely up on getting that back, but its not looking very promising at this point.

    Get Christmas and New year over with, I have got to figure if I am buying a compressor from Tony or the nitrogen or whatever. Cause I have lots of things around here to mess with.

    I am sick of not being able to trust all this info on utube and the major pellet shops that will print all sorts of data about this and that and all it is, are just random bs…

    The nice thing here has been the guys share alot of good info that informs us all. If you can use it great, if not; its ok also.

    I have burned off enough paper on here for now, rant off 🙂

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