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    Got my Great White tank yesterday and thank you Joe Brancoto for a great product and service. At 61 years of age and having some injuries it is getting too hard to lug around my steel 120 tank anymore. And since you can’t take your money with you I figured its time to get some of the things I want. Found a place that will fill this tank for $6 which is great but it is a 50 mile round trip. Today I went to picked up my steel 120 which was hydro tested and get the Great White filled. Decided to go to lunch and give them some time to fill the tank and came back about an hour later. Should be faster next time it is filled. I got a new scope coming for my Talon SS and some other items this weekend. Might try some rat shooting soon at a dairy farm that I shoot groundhogs. I will report on that later I hope.

    The Tank

    And Filled to 4500psi


    Wow at 6 bucks the dive is not so bad , You are just about stealing the air,,,,
    Seems like you can shoot forever off the great white,


    Airgun Bill , I also in invested in a great white tank . My fill cost is $11.50 and my total round trip to get it filled is 20 miles . So I
    would say that basicly our cost is about the same . Congrats on your tank , I also by the time my tank expires will either be dead
    or too old to give a shit .



    yep you can’t beat a GW tank. Still I’d like a smaller, lighter one for driving around with. I could probably afford one if I’d stop buying these damn air rifles….


    Yea Zonk I put a good word in for you with Tony since everyone picks on you here on Tag.
    Check with Tony he said he would give you 30 % off the Vulcan If you bought a small tank from him…
    Remember to tell him Mike said…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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