Hand Pump lubricant?


Does anybody know what’s that dark lubricant on AF pumps?

Can I use something to lub the pump???

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Hey edward… glad your pump didn’t blow! 😀
I thought synthetic oils would detonate too!

Thanks for the input… if there were AF repair kits, It would be a nice solution.
There isn’t much info about air pumps like this in the internet! Or at least, haven’t found it…

Hill or Axsor?

i have a hill pump, and i rebuilt it, it took forever. Please take your time taking it apart, I’m mechanical and it took me awhile. but when i did mine i used silicone grease, and you have to be very sparing. it worked for a while but the pump seamed to be really sluggish like it was too thick. so i took it apart and used synthetic motor oil 10w30. and it started pumping like it was new again. i did that a year ago and still working fine. i have an extra o-ring kit thought because i had no idea if the oil would attack the o-rings but it has not in the last year. if you care to know it was pennzoil full synthetic. just my two cents worth

quote Pilgrim:

The grease on the shaft turns dark with friction and contamination.

also the aluminum shaft oxidizes and adds to the darkness of the lube.

Yeah… thanks!

I’ll buy some Hill silicone grease… and some teflon lub to compare. I’ll post the results.

Just remembered, I also got some Smart Parts Shocker lub for Paintball o-rings. Maybe???

And I guess KY can’t be that bad… Bod and WOK can’t be both wrong! 😆

just make sure its not oil based!

Crimson, The Hill grease or diver’s silicone grease will work fine. The grease on the shaft turns dark with friction and contamination.

quote Bodhisdad:

KY jelly 😆 couldn’t resist.

I bet you can’t 😆 It’s not cherry flavored you know! 😛

Well… that’s what I want to know… what is that dark grease…

I guess I’ll buy some Hill lubricant!


I have a Hill pump with dry pac and i am pleased with it.
It have the dark lubricant along it too, so stay relax.

FX or a Hill which ever you can get a rebuild kit for. Hills are supposed to be the best out there. I have read about FX being pretty good as well.

Never seen a Hill pump… does it have the dark lubricant along it too?

Because on AF pumps it doesn’t look like silicone grease… looks like something thinner with some particles (hope this dark thing isn’t powder from the seals tearing apart!).

I was thinking it may be o-ring teflon lubricant? Well, in fact I read it on PyramydAir BB’s blog… but Tom didn’t give a straight answer.

I was curious and I want to stock everything I can (because it’s hard buy these things here).

Thanks for your answer! Maybe it will be better if I buy a Hill pump and forget about fixing AF pumps (in case I need).

KY jelly 😆 couldn’t resist.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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