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    What size hammers are yall using on the new valve Condors? Right now mine is doing a very consistent 40 shots at ~940fps with 31gr Kodiaks, so I’m not sure I want to go up much from there, but I do like the looks of those snazzy hammers Tony is making….

    I’ve seen a few strings from guns Tony has worked on, interested in some long strings from those with the new valve and a T hammer….


    I am using the stock AF factory weight that is in my original .22 purchased 03/09/07. AF sent me a BRAND NEW bottle when I told them of the fill issue once they came out with the the New Valve. 8) 8)

    Again, I would have been happy if they had only replaced the valve when I shipped the bottle to them for the warranty upgrade.

    I dealt with Rachael who I will say ABSOLUTELY exemplifies customer service.



    Nice to hear some Kudo’s about the AF staff!

    Don’t have the new bottle so no info from me…sorry brother. 40 shots @ 940’ish is SWEET! that is some nice consistant shooting.



    I am using the 19gm striker and 49gm hammer with the new valve.

    Seems to be working pretty good for me. 2800psi starting, 30 shots @ 950ave. fps, ending pressure 2100.

    After 30 shots velocity starts to get a tad inconsistent because the valve opens easier, but Ive stayed within 980 to 930 out to 50 shots.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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