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    Hey guys.

    This is a problem I thought I had fixed a while back. However, it has reared it’s ugly head once again.

    When I cock the gun, the hammer won’t lock back. It will after about 10 tries, and half of the time it snaps back halfway through reloading. I don’t want to shoot it at the moment because of the problem. I’ve checked for burrs, and taken the trigger mod screws out, but still nothing.

    Any ideas?


    Hey, Lama, I just had EXACTLY the same problem, and it’s timing couldn’t have been better, I’d just handed my TSS to my wife to try her hand at popping paint balls :-). For the moment, she’s properly paranoid about touching ANY of my shit .

    The problem turned out to be stupid simple, my rifle was dirty! I live in dusty country, and I pack this thing around with me on job sites, usually in an open ATV. Tore it down, gave it a good cleaning and lubing, and it’s working like a champ. Hope that solve the problem.



    Take out the sear spring and give it a little stretch. Reinstall

    It works.


    If that doesn’t cure it. Put back your safety 🙁
    Another thing you could try is making the recess in the breechslide where the hammersear engages a little deeper.

    Or buy some toolsteel triggerparts from ewoodie. I have them in my gun and it locks like a jail door! 😛

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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