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How much hammer bounce do you get with your set up? And how thick is the wall of a stock hammer? Just thinking of something. I do not have a gun yet but thinking of building one. Trying to work out the best ideas. Thanks Cuda

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If the wall was thick enough you could drill holes around the hammer . From the spring side and use fine shot or fine rod. Leaveing room for it to move maybe 1/4 the depth of the holes. It should act like a deadblow. A deadblow is a big hammer that has lead shot in it when it hits something the shot keeps it from bounceing. Witch would hold the valve just a lttle longer to get a more even shot string. You could fine tune the hammer strike to any valve to fine tune any setup. So what does everyone think of my idea?

Sort of an interesting question regarding the bounce you describe. You can of course clearly see much of the striker length through the cocking slot and therefore could observe. I’ve never really observed it closely during the firing action but would expect it would bounce as you describe and likely contributes to the noise. That may vary a bit with the PW setting.
Stock weight is around 50 grams and I forget the wall dimension. It can of course be made of several materials.
Good luck with your project.

Your firing the rig so one can’t see the hammer and its enclosed in the frame so its impossible to telll how much bounce you get. The stock hammer is made of steel pipe cut to around 1.5″ and it has delrin caps on the end.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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