H&N baracuda match pellets

I bought some baracuda match pellets and they shoot better than kodiaks in my talon ss. They are supposed to be the same pellet. Are the baracuda match weighed and sorted? Anyone shoot these pellets?

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They are working great in my .22!

Thanks guys I checked the tins and some are 5.5 and the others are 5.52 When pyramid sold them they were the same price as kodiaks and cheeper than the baracudas???

kodiak and baracuda are the same

kodiac match and baracuda match are the same

baracuda match and baracuda is not the same….match has a better quality control done to them

H&N has different sizes of the baracuda at least they used to…5.50mm 5.51mm 5.52mm…maybe the match ones you got is the perfect one for your barrel….sometimes a .01mm can make all the difference

I do believe that they are the same pellets, only sorted and weighed to tighter tolerances.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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