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    YOU…of all people should not be pointing peckers…errr…fingers at people!!!



    My Beloved Uncle H :hoot: :hoot: T

    IN FACT, i have plan to order either a great white 97cu tank or Tiger Shark 72cu from (Joe) ,,,, but still haven’t made my decision ,,, but i have to buy this tank,,instead of buying an air compressor as you said,,, it is better ,,,you are right,,,

    quote Hoot:

    My dear Hemn…

    I own a steel 150 cu ft steel dive tank. It is half again as large as the 97 cu ft tank. If you check Ebay, you can sometimes find a 150 cu ft scuba tank in steel for 200 USD. I believe Faber is the brand.

    The smaller scuba tanks will need filling much more often. Depending on the gun’s air tank volume, I can get about 30 fills from my tank.

    A much better solution, in my humble opinion, is to purchase a carbon, or glass fiber tank, of the largest size you can afford. Since it can be filled to 4550 psi, it will offer many more refills than my steel tank, be much lighter, and will be less expensive than buying/maintaining an air compressor at home. That is true only if you have easy access, at an affordable price, to a station that will fill the 4550 psi tank.

    A glass fiber tank is expensive, but it is in the middle of the price of buying a large steel scuba tank and buying your own compressor.


    Uncle Hoot:


    A word of caution, the filling adapter can be tricky. Be certain to check the guy who fills, and ask what kind of connector end you need on your tank. Joe has them all.

    It should be SCBA, but sometimes a DIN gets mixed into the batch, especially if someone put the compressor together in their home. It depends on who set up his compressor.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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