Grip making tutorial, my way.

All right i’m doing a grip and have taken time to get some pics of the steps involved. Maybe this will help some move in this direction, or give you ideas for your own. Maybe after this is complete it can be moved into the reference area. I’ll add to it here till done.

First thing is get a design, if you notice i have a template cut out in white vinyl showerboard. I trace the outline on the wood then cut the blank to what i need. Keep the top end square to the sides as it helps in other steps. The bottom of this grip is angled and that is how the set back of the grip is accomplished, you can get the same effect by cutting th etop at the same angle, but it screws you on other operations.

Inletting is the first thing i do. The gap is 1/2″w and 11/16″ deep.

Next i take it to the bandsaw for a initial rough out. I get close to the line and later sand to the lines. THis is just so i can remove as much material prior to sanding.

Next is yet another important operation, just as much as the inletting is. This needs to be done early on while edges are still square to each other.
This is how the grip attaches to the frame. 1/ determine where that hole is going to go in and then out. A drillpress is a obvious advantageous tool. After i have the angle set on the table top, I then add the two slats of wood sguare to the table top. This is done so the grip can’t walk around as you drilling down through the grip blank.

Ready to drill the 1/4″ pilot hole.

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Hey, nice pics and great work!!!!

Nice tools! Too bad I got only a Dremmel… 😡

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