Got my Condor case today!!!

Well bought a 13.00 case off Ebay and is it great!!!! Holds my Condor broken down for transport has velco, and a nylon cover to cover the extra length of the moderator, a separate zippered case for my spare tank and PCP pump. My wife thought it was a skateboard backpack because of the size and backstraps. 😆

So now I can hike in set up do some harvesting discreetly pack up and drive home.

Out of sight out of mind. 8)


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Thats what the TAG and members are about.


I just ordered one, thanks for the tip!
You saved me a bunch of cash 😆

Anytime hard to go wrong on this one. Just make sure only skateboards go inside the case just like me, nope no gun in there everybody!! 😆


Thanks for the heads up Randy,

just purchased one,


Lots of pockets everywhere.


Perfect for lots of different guns.

this thing is sweet.any pockets fer pellets?

Here is the EBay link if you guys are interested they also have a 40″ case too.



That looks good Randy…

Anyone know if I can return mine? lol

Very cool. I like it and the price is right. What was it listed as on Ebay?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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