got me a new tool

Cummins where in town…went there yesterday to pick up some drill bits and a drillpress…..bumped into RichT, who told me the drillbits he bought last year where same model as i had just gotten and they where crap….i decided to tjeck them out…it had been a year since he got his…maybe production had gotten better but no…4 out of 10 was bendt some more than others….one of the 10 tested was more than .25″ off….so had to go back today to return it

drillpress i got was nice….but then i saw the minimill….drove back home grabbed the drillpress which was still in its box…and got a the Mill

it comes in a wooden freight box…..weighs a TON…and just not easy to carry, damn near broke my back getting it into the basement

only thing i cant figure out is how to mount stuff to the table of it…and now all xmas money is gone 🙁 not even money for materials to machine or to get tools lol

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