got a gamo whisper dx

got this rifle at a trade show for 220.00 wanted to try something new and chalenging because its to easy with my talon 😀 , liked the stock on it alsow got the gamo swinging target 19.00 and a gamo knock down 17.00 to keep me from shooting the birds 🙂 forgot how hard its to shoot a springer, mounted a bsa 6-24×40 with ao on it because the one it came with has set paralax its less noisy than my 220 it dosent have that report you hear from a distance but the spring is loud next to your ear , have to say the trigger is hell to pull for me hard not to pull the shot

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I knew you would like it.
Gamo should go with this from the start.

well i got my trigger on Tuesday and its a different rifle very nice thanks for the suggestion i was thinking on selling this gun and now is a vary good springer

When you put in in the gamo be careful where you point the gun. It will fire before you think! My first shot with my CFX with the GRT was a suprise for sure. It will put a smile on your face!

yea the stock is very nice i have been all day shooting it to get a feal for it but cant get consistenci because of the triger my 220 triger is realy broken in i have shot that rifle thausends of times and its a lot less hevy but it has a broken spring dont know if i can interchange them but i alredy orderd the gtr 3

WOW…That looks like it has a viper stock? NICE!!!!!

Springers can be challenging to shoot, but no less accurate, I assure you. I have posted groups from my R9 and TX out to 50 yards that many would be hard pressed to duplicate with a PCP…but dont expect groups like that with the Gamo. Dont get me wrong..I’m not knocking your gun by any means. I love them all!

…and yes, an aftermarket trigger or insert is paramount on any current production Gamo.

Great place to get Gamo accessories….

Sure, springers arent for everyone… but they are accurate nonetheless.

The GRT III Trigger works great! Much better than I ever expected. Especially for such a low price!

well i can say its more chalenging to shoot a spring gun than a pcp thats why i have a talon but the difucult shots are 70+ yards because its so acuret with springer it diferent its like a chalenge to make a shot and more pleasing to actualy hit what you shoot because you did most of the work to make the shot with my talon i could watch the pellet on its way to the target and hit the same place over and over 😀 not that i dont like that, airguning is a hobby of mine since i was 7 or 8 years old and allways since then i had a pellet or bb gun, i have a 392 sherian crosman 1377 skif3000 drozd full auto hunter 220 a chinese ak something 🙄 my tallon ss with 24 bbl and now the whisper and i shoot them all but the most i use is the tss

my first “adult” airgun was a gamo 1000 a couple years ago. Springers just aint for me now. Love my talonss. Springer = touchy, hold sensitive, full of vibration, not nearly as enjoyable to shoot.

I’d rather practice my marksmanship than be diverting all my attention to making sure I am holding the gun just right in order to be just soso accurate.

just my .02 cents

where can i get one of those?

For sure, dump the Gamo trigger and replace it with a GRT III.
It will make a huge improvement!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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