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    …and it transformed my Condor. I got a new hammer (contest prize) and a 24″ .25 barrel (ordered before the contest). Tony tossed in some 90 durometer o-rings for the breech, and 3 tins of pellets.
    A while back I sent Tony some carbon tubes to play with, and the pellets came with a little note “Thanks for the CF”. Your’e welcome Tony. 8)

    Anyway, I just installed the barrel and was able to fire the first few shots across the chrony. Its dark outside, so I shot into my shed at 10 yards.

    I shot into the same 1.5″ thick slab of modeling clay I tested some .22 cal pellets with a few weeks ago.

    85gram hammer, PW at 8, first Kodiak went 958fps, 2nd Kodiak went 959fps. Shot a domed EJ at 927fps, and the pointed one at 889fps.

    All pellets went thru the clay, and put a big dent into the plywood backing plate, 3 of them then came back out the slab of clay. I only found 2 of them. Entrance holes were almost .50 caliber, and the backside of the slab shows the shock radiated from the wound channel about .5″ There is a ring around the exit hole about the size of a nickel.

    The 4th pellet went through one of the holes in the clay, and then blew thru 1.5″ of hard plywood, and thru the metal door of a freezer I use as a storage cabinet. All I could say was “Holy shit…”

    None of the .22 caliber pellets penetrated past 1″ into the same block of clay, all at higher velocities.

    Considering I have a stock Condor valve, and a medium weight hammer and no other mods, I think the results are pretty good. I’m sure I can break 1000fps with Kodiaks no problem, but 958 ain’t shabby.

    All I have to do is make a new endcap for the shroud for .25’s, this son-of-a-bitch is loud!!!


    That is awesome. I have found that .22 Kodiaks are most accurate for me at 950fps. So you are looking good.


    Ok did some accuracy testing today of the .25 barrel.

    First groups with Kodiak’s went 3+” at 40 yards. Was not consistent and was apparent something was amiss. Checking the target, all pellets key-holed slightly.

    Looking thru the barrel and shroud, could just barely see one of the rubber washers. I had already put in a new endcap drilled to .3″.

    So I pulled the innards out, replaced all the rubber washers and reassembled.

    Two 5 shot groups at 40 yards, 3/8″ CTC at 958 – 962fps. What made it even sweeter was the groups hit dead center of my crosshair, didn’t have to move the scope at all.

    I was grinning ear-to-ear and packing the gun back into the house, when a crow flew overhead. It landed on top a tall pine tree 72 yards out (later lasered), and started talking its shit to me.

    I sat down, cocked and loaded the gun, focused quickly and aimed a mil-dot high. Didn’t know what to expect when I touched it off. Hit the crow in the chest and it knocked it into the next tree. It kinda looked like a black bowling pin flying thru the air, black feathers floating away from it as it fell. When the sound of the pellet impact drifted back, it sounded a lot like a light bulb popping.

    I must have sat there for five minutes unable to stop grinning. The only thing I have been able to shoot with the .22 is a starling, and it didn’t kill with as much authority as the .25. First semi-long range shot with the .25 and it totally sold me.

    I walked out to get a picture but I can’t see the crow from the ground, I know its still up in that tree somewhere. Man I can’t wait for the squirrels to come out.


    Good Job Riff. 8) 8) Nothing like packing the ol’ .25 for the serious stuff.



    Good job RR.

    You had me worried for a moment halfway through that post.

    Glad your happy..


    Happy doesn’t say it Tony. Try Elated. 😀

    Thanks for making it, it is superb!



    Great shooting Riff. I have NO DOUBT that you’ll be extremely happy with that .25 setup. I regularly sight in 100 yards down the street on the light pole in front of one of my neighbors house. It’s a city light pole, so I don’t feel to bad about putting dents in it. And I mean dents. The pole is made of spun aluminum and is really damn hard. At 100 yards, I’m putting .25 caliber dents in it and it sounds like a dang gong when it hits. My neighbor heard it inside his house and came out looking around like, “What the hell was that?” All I could do was duck inside my garage and try to keep from laughing to hard. 😆


    RiffRaff, I’m confused, you say it’s loud but you said later on you have a shroud? Are you saying that the shroud doesn’t even quieten it?


    How Sweet it is.
    Whacking crows is is soul satisfying, at 72 yards, sublime. Especially first shot out of the box, and calculating holdover.
    I’m happy for you.
    I had been developing this rural subdivision in phases for several years, during which I tried to figgure out how to shoot these brazen crows that inhabited it. Finaly got a Condor and placed a caller under a dead oak tree, hid about 60 yards away (hid from the crows, and from the people in the subdivision) and killed seven or eight at that one setup. I suspect that I was about as happy as you were. There’se just something special about whacking crows.


    Great going, Riff…

    I was on the fence for a long while on one of Tony’s .25 barrels…. glad I finally took the plunge. That .25 hits like a Mack Truck…

    I missed a crow the other day with mine at 90+ yards, but it was through some cover… I’ll get the bastard the next time….. 😈


    I’ll have to say .25’s rule….I managed to take A crow over the weekend at 50yds..I was really suprised at the wack those kodiaks make on impact.. I actualy think I have my 25 quiter than my tss 24″ .22. .25 has condor tank and tss is on standard..


    Oh Rob I shot my discovery today…….. 😀


    My problem is a lack of crows. I’ve dispached all around here. I need the help of my bretheren to suppy me with targets. AKULA


    Sounds like you got a hell of a canon there RiffRaff, congrats, it must be sweet, Tony really seems to be the man!

    On the subject of crows… it’s strange, I see many of them here where I live, but always from far away, flying very high altitudes in bunches sometimes, I know they have to land somewhere, but it sure isn’t anywhere close enough for me. But then if I had a gun like RiffRaff’s… hmmm….

    quote ronaldpdq:

    RiffRaff, I’m confused, you say it’s loud but you said later on you have a shroud? Are you saying that the shroud doesn’t even quieten it?

    Ronald, sorry to mislead you. When I first shot the new barrel, it was without the shroud because the hole in the endcap and washers were sized for shooting .22 caliber.

    So I built a new shroud, and with it the gun is nice and quiet. I may have a bit of work to do to it, as it seems just a tad louder in .25 but I attribute that to using less washers with bigger holes in them.

    Still quiet enough that finch’s sit in the bird feeder while I’m target shooting and pay no attention to me. Of course they are used to me filling the feeder too. LOL

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