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    If you want a good compressor and not junk
    I would look real hard at the stuff this guy has.
    Just passing it on. and yes I got one.


    Good stuff ain’t cheap that’s for sure. Any idea of the fill rate on these units. Seems like a fair price for what you get with that $2000 dollar unit at the top of the page. Higher quality air output I’d imagine than most compressor available in that price range.


    Quote: aE6-0v1 A 6.0 CFM Noah Howden compressor

    In the first sentence, 6.0 CFM.

    A Bauer Junior II puts out 3.5 CFM, like the one guykuo has.


    The first couple can fill to 4500 or less. For 2000 bucks not bad… That and the fact they are rated 6.0cfm is lots of air…

    Thanks Mikey, I use to have this site in memory, but lost it with a laptop some time ago…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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