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    A new site came along, Eveybody but a few drank the cool aid, Not much was spent on quality control and a bunch was spent on advertising, Hot shot air gunners the brand and only the brand and fully equipped with gear.
    The cool aid drinkers learned you had to fix the gun or have someone do it for you to shoot the gun, Air leaks and bad seals were part of it,,, BUT you had the brand,,,, The market was flooded with videos about the brand and the shots made,, Not the shots missed,,,, It goes back to NO quality Control , Even the biggest importer of air guns dropped the brand as the warranty work was crazy list of guns…
    Its like the Harley V/S Honda, Is it faster Nope but its getting better, Is more dependable NOPE but its getting better, Is it cheaper NOPE,, and on and on BUT its a HARLEY the name
    About a thousand years ago I was on the site talking about my new gun the MUtant 22 and my Cricket 22 , I was kicked off the site and accused me of being a dealer for a ” Junk Mutant gun that was made in a garage with garbage metal” If I didn’t own the brand and could not talk positive about the brand I do not need to be on the site,,,
    oops now I am rambling on
    Whats your OPION


    Didn’t drink the coolaid! Don’t belong to the site you speak of! But do still own 2 mutants and a cricket!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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