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Anyone here experienced with both Gen 1&2 NV scopes? Is the cost difference worth the image quality improvement? I understand Gen 2 has greater resolution and will work in lower star light. Gen 1 works out to 75~100 yards witch covers most air gunning range. What size animal would you be able to recognize with Gen 1 with 4X magnification at 100 yards?


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Great info, thanks. I definitely want a clear picture of the target.

75 yards, lasered and only eye shine is poor IMO. Gen 1 is advertised as recognizing a target at 75~100 yards. That must be large object based on your experience.

You would only use Gen 1 for rats. In your estimation what’s the maximum distance that a rat can be “recognized” using a Gen 1 vs. 2. And is that with or with out IR illumination?

Also which D440 do you have ST, MS or HP. And do you know its resolution?

well mate i,ve had both in a very short time . i had a gen 1 unit in within two weeks i had a gen 2+d440 unit and the reason for this is i went out with my mate who had a d440 and the differance was day and night and i,m not just saying this .i realy couldn,t beleave the differnce in the two . with thr gen1 and a realy good laser u will c out to 75yds ish and thats the eye shine u will c not the full animal .so if u have the cash go for the gen2 it a safer unit to use as your not shooting at things u realy can,.t c and your if your guns capible off shooting that and more your not spooking the animal trying to get closer .for me i wouldn,t go back to a gen1 for out side shooting but i will get one for rat shooting and thats it

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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