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    My farthest to date shot 32yards shooting .22 Hades 15.89@790. Head shot left the pellet in it’s the budgle on lower part of jaw.


    Killer rig…
    What’s the backstory?


    Hi Tony
    Well for years I been shooting squirrels sitting on the deck on a love seat with my mutants. Neighbor lady died years ago and her son in law says kill all squirrels I can no problem. So there’s 2 pecan trees in the back the closest 19 yards away from my sitting area. I named this tree the last supper!
    And 95% of the squirrels are shot out of this tree.
    Here lately the squirrels been running on past the left turn that leads them to the last supper. So I been practice shooting at the pecan tree across the yard. squirrels been perching on a limb next to a sawed off limb. I use the knot as my target so pulled out the range finder scoped it at 32 yards.
    2 mil dots up on a 15 yard zeroed scope. 2 shots hit where the center of sawed off limb.
    Then waited till squirrel got all nice and comfy put the second mil dot on his eye and let it rip.
    Lol the end!
    The squirrel in the pix got a day pass for posing for pics in the last supper lol!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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