Anyone got one/shot one? Contemplating what my next toy will be and found the Revo. I like what I have seen but would really like some personal feedback. Kind of hard to justify the cost just on a few cheezy videos and reviews (all good). Love the true semi-auto feature but does it really perform as advertised? I could put together several full custom Ruger 10/22s for the price of this gun. I’d hate to save $$$ for a long time, build expectations, then be disappointed. Feedback appreciated.

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Revo is a blast!!

Here is a review from airgun advice.


yes, you have to fill a clip as far as i am aware. you wouldnt want to get your finger stuck in there when you move the bolt or if the bolt slipped. that thing is nasty.

OK, question… Can you use the Monsoon as a manual single shot if you want? Or are you forced to fill a clip everytime to shoot it? I noticed some other clip guns give you an option. If I was forced to fill a clip everytime to keep shooting a gun I’m not sure I’d like it to much…

My buddy has a Monsoon he let me shoot… and I loved it, really sweet. Personally, I love the semi-auto, probably because I just never shot one before, but I’m not sure how much I’d really use it if I had the gun myself, but it would spit them out as fast as you can pull the trigger. I thought it was pretty quiet with the totally shrouded barrel, all I heard was a ‘Ping’ sound with every shot. Keep in mind, at the time my only other gun was my 2250, so this was like going from a Yugo to a Lamborgini for me. Nice trigger, and really accurate, looked and felt very well made, I’d love to own this gun, but damn, the price just puts it over the top for me! I only used it for a very short time, so I can’t get into it like a few others here, but thought I’d put in my 2 cents. But it was without a doubt a pleasure to shoot.


Both of you make good points. To all I appreciate the feedback. 2 yrs ago thought of 800.00 for a pellet gun (my initial talonss cost + pump+ scope) was a huge leap of faith. I also have multiple 10/22s, match ar15, Target .22 pistol, .308 tactical rifle; my roots are in powderburners bigtime. The TSS is probablty one of my least regrettable big ticket expenses ever however it is a big step to go from a 500 buck gun to an 1800 one. If the semi auto and accuracy are as promoted, (30+ ftlb is more than enough) I just may start looking/saving for one. I bought the talon as a way to compensate for not getting the semi auto powder guns to the range often enough without sacrificing accuracy, now I kind of miss the fast action shooting. The Revo could just be the answer.

Anyone else with feedback please chime in, much appreciated


I bought the Monsoon in .22 and I understand your reluctance to buy due to the price. I felt the same way but took the leap of faith anyway and have no regrets with the purchase. The gun fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, is very, very accurate and has plenty of power. I chose the Monsoon over the Revo because I liked the looks of the Monsoon better. I have only had one issue with the gun and that was when the tiny o-ring that holds the magazine in the gun (friction fit) became lost and the loose magazine caused a jam. AOA sent me a replcement oring in a few days and I haven’t had a problem since then. The Monsoon is reasonably quiet out of the box but can be made quieter. You will; however; piss away a lot of ammo but will have lots of fun doing so. I have several (3) tricked out 10/22’s in .22 and .17hmr so I understand your concern about the price. I will tell you that the 10/22’s haven’t seen the light of day since I bought the Monsoon. Comparing the two, the Monsoon is quieter, cleaner, cheaper to operate (pellets vs. bullets) and I can shoot the Monsoon on my property. Yellow Ninja may not spend a $1000 on a plinking toy….but I would. My time/fun factor is limited so I bought the most bang for the buck.
I hope this helps you with your decision,

Cygnusx had the Monsoon. He sold it because he wasnt happy with the power output or AOA’s service.

POI had the Revolution and had a lot of problems trying to get it repaired properly by AOA.

I’d stay away from them because I think the Semi Auto is pretty much a gimmick and not really needed for a target or a hunting rifle. For a plinking gun semi is good – but I dont spend $1000+ on a gun to plink with it.

i had a monsoon for a few days. it’s pretty much the same thing as a revo but with a smaller tank.

semi-auto – VERY COOL. just keep hitt’n the trigger
quick-fill plug – easy to fill from my compressor

no adjustable power. just one setting: high
no PCP tank air pressure meter (the revo has one though i think)
too loud for me to shoot in my backyard
due to the semi-auto feature, the gun will not support an LDC
my polymag pred pellets (ammo of choice) wont fit in the clips

my guns have to be mouse fart quiet for me to shoot them in my backyard. this thing was just too loud w/ out any type of adjustable power setting. i’ve heard the REVO is actually LOUDER than the monsoon.

i just bought a used gladiator (like the revo but without the semi-auto feature). the gladiator will take an LDC and has 3 adjustable power levels. it also has dual tanks for a lot of shoot’n on one charge.

if you dont care about a little bit of sound, you like shoot’n kodiaks, and dont care about adjustable power, than the semi-auto feature is VERY COOL.

I think it’s the same for about everyone. Not many people have it, just because you can get a whole lot of other stuff for that money.

Maybe you should look at a monsoon? Cygnus had one and I think he absolutely loved it.

Just something to think about.

I wanted to buy one for a while but am concerned about replacing the parts if anything is damaged. Plus the price tag is a bit too much for an airgun.

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