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    Recently modded my Bobcat’s magazines because I always found it awkward to load the first pellet skirt first. I didn’t really reinvent the wheel or the fire, just got inspired by similar designs.
    There’s no big magic to it, just open the hole in the plexiglass cover to an ovoid form so that
    1) when you ‘wind it up’ you can pass the first pellet through the plexi cover head first (large enough)
    2) when in neutral position the pellet next to the one in the ‘ready’ position wouldn’t fall out by itself (not too large)

    1) wind up the magazine and mark the center as well as the outlines of the hole on the inside of the plexi cover using a needle or sharpie, then unwind
    2) unscrew the central hex bolt to take off the cover. Caution, the black plastic insert is under spring tension and will jump out, so hold the plexi cover and lift off carefully when hex bolt is removed.
    3) carefully drill out the marked center, preferably with a drill slightly smaller than the caliber of the pellet
    4) finish to open to the final dimensions using a file
    Put the black plastic insert into the magazine’s aluminum body (without the spring) put the plastic cover on regularly to test whether the hole size is sufficient. Hole size will be sufficient when pellet drops in by itself. Don’t remove too much material, if the hole’s too big, the pellet next to the pellet to be loaded will fall out and probably block the cycling operation.
    5) when finished put spring back in place and preload the black plastic insert. Make sure the preload is at least 1 and a half turns, a preload lower than that will result in occasional failure in the cycling operation when down to the last few pellets (don’t ask how I know). Put on the plexi cover while holding down the black plastic insert with your finger, center the plexi cover and fasten the bolt. Don’t fasten too hard, otherwise the cover might not turn anymore or even crack. Use some blue loctite on the bolt threads to prevent it from loosening.

    That’s all there is to it, loading’s become a lot easier with this modification. Ah yes, before I forget, while loading, keep your finger over the hole in the aluminum body to make sure the pellet doesn’t fall through.

    P.S.: since I have a hard time including images by attachment, I’ll use a dropbox link, will be edited later when I understand the issue and find a workaround

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