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    Looking to buy my first PCP and down to the above two guns with a third choice of a Talon 18′ with AirHog Shroud.

    Any one have the FX and compared it to the new AA 410ERB?

    Looking for all suggestions.

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    Have no experience with your top two choices, but the versitility of the Talon “platform” is what led me to buy one as my first pcp. Simple, accurate, relatively inexpensive, ABILITY TO CHANGE TO MATCH THE NEEDS OF THE SHOOTER, as your ability, purpose, need, etc. change. Try calling the other two companies and telling them you want parts to change your gun to a : longer barrel, shorter barrel, different caliber, CO2 power, etc. in less than 5 minutes without permanent modification and with minimal tools. There are many airguns better than AF available for any SINGLE PURPOSE but if I was only going to have one, the adaptability of the talon is unmatched unless your shooting is limited to a single purpose. My .02cents.


    This is very true the AirForce line along with this site make it a no brainer on unbelievable “Mod Ability”


    Airforce rifle is all good if you wanna mess with it…..

    if you just want a rifle that works….the FX and more so the AA410

    the fx is nice and has a superfast biathlon cocking, it has 2 tanks and huge supply og air…668cc….and it got 3 powersettings…on low (14 fpe)you can allmost shoot a whole tin of pellet on charge….on high your pumping out 35 fpe, and still able to get ALOT of shots out of it…..

    if you wanna get assraped by Airguns of Arizona…the FX is your choise…just remember if something goes wrong with it, AOA is going to blame you for weeks, the tell you to use electrical tape inplace of an oring 🙄 once you have done that they will blame you for modding the rifle and void your warrenty….andbefore you even get to shoot your g8, they will have shipped you the wrong stuff twice and forcing you to pay return shipping….no….no si i do not like AOA one bit those assholes….

    the AA410 is available from several retailers….the fit and finish is as good if not better than FX…accuracy is the same as the fx to the point that its allmost boring to shoot as your just hittig the same hole over and over again 😉

    the AA410 has indefinate increments of power up to about 32-34 fpe…so you can really fine tune it for your needs.

    the erb has a larger tank, and shroud…giving you about 40 good high powershots, i shoot mine at 12 fpe and get about 70-80 shots out of it

    what i like on the 410 is that the reciever sits on top of the resivoir tube…which is a very rigid construktion, the FX has the airtube screwed into the reciever, and barrel is secured with a set screw…it is not nearly as rigid as the 410, and is likely to shift a little bit if barrel is caught on a branch or so….

    the ERB of AA410 is nose heavy….the classic shares the same features as the ERB, but with smaller shroud, and smaller tank, barrel lenght is the same, and so is the power….this rifle is much better balanced, but at the cost of how many shots per fill….the carbine has the smallest tank, and a shorter barrel limiting power to about 28 fpe, but it is very pointable

    the fx is probably faster for followup shots…allthough the 410 is quick too both in sidelever and rear cocking….

    shroud on the AA is more effective than the FX…its marginal…but still

    even if FX was available from other retailes today i think i would go with the AA…i would probably go with the classic if i needed an allrounder hunter plinking rifler….if you plink or dont carry the rifle around much go ERB…if you hunt alot and carry the rifle around, and dont shoot more than 10-20 shots on a hunt the carbine might be the best

    hoping to be able to afford a rapid soon…..my aa410erb will no longer be my long range gun, and i hope to trade it to a carbine as 28 vs 34 fpe doesnt matter that much on a hunt…pointablity and length is of bigger concern


    ive only the uk spec fx verminator and 410 tdr to compare
    but the fx out shines the tdr in almost every way
    i wish id have got one when they first came out rather than wait,
    all these years you glady fans out there were right on the button 😉
    not only is the vermy light,perfectly ballanced,with a shot count to drool over but it looks super cool too 😀
    not that the tdr isn’t any good,with a weirhauch mod on the front the tdr possobly just “gets it” for the silence factor,
    but the shot count is lower and its a little too front heavy for me (the 410 with stock should be much better ballanced)

    personaly the glady would suit me better 😀


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