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FX Cutlas… Anybody got one???

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    I have been dreaqming of a new gun, and have been looking at all sorts, Semi-auto shot guns, to Hornet .22s etc, but I can’t really justify a firearm, I dont really need one, and I hate the loudness of a the shot gun.

    So, I have returned to air rifles on my quest for my ultimate gun. I have a condor, and the inconsistancy pisses me off + weight.

    Does anyone out here have any experience of FX Cutlas? I really like the look of it and its features, but I am interested in shot to shot consistancy, andd pros \ cons. Shot strings etc.

    or maybe I should just save for another year and get a Steyr HP

    Any thoughts?



    Is the inconsistency of your condor in the POI or over the chrony?

    I found I was much happier shooting when I stopped shooting over the chrony and only used POI to check for consistency. That is the bottom line isnt it?

    All unregulated guns well have inconsistency. And regulated guns while consistent drive owners crazy when the regulator fails.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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