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    Because it’s an FX, don’t buy it.
    Because it’s imported by aoa and ONLY aoa, don’t buy it.
    Because someone had an issue with their FX that they themselves caused, don’t buy it.
    Because aoa wouldn’t fix that issue under warranty, don’t buy it.
    Because aoa charges for shipping, don’t buy it.
    Because it has smooth twist rifling, definitely don’t buy it.
    Because it’s something innovative and new, don’t buy it.
    Because the Bobcat “looks like a Beluga whale”, don’t buy it.
    Because a number of Impacts had issues, don’t buy it.
    Because an Impact won at EBR, don’t buy it.
    Because Iride said so, don’t buy it.
    Because leadbetter said so, don’t buy it.
    Because it looks like it does, don’t buy it.
    Because it has a bottle and not a tube, don’t buy it.
    Because it isn’t a bullpup, don’t buy it.
    Because you can adjust so many things on it, don’t buy it.
    Because it’s not a Mutant don’t buy it.
    Because it’s not a Cricket, don’t buy it.
    Because Ted’s probably going to have one, definitely don’t buy it.

    C’mon everyone, what other reasons can you come up with, before it even comes out, to bash it? Let’s hear it! I know you guys can come up with some real zingers.
    Factual or not, it doesn’t matter. Let the creativity fly!


    Naysayers = little black clouds of negativity

    Never listen to the naysayers. Their opinions are a reflection of the things they aren’t willing to do themselves.


    It’s not offered in .177. It uses a outdated ass backward marauder type magazine. That my friend kills any purchase of FX products by me ever. A 2017 $2000 airgun sporting 2013 airgun tech isn’t innovative my little troll buddy!


    The spring loaded type of mags gets old really fast, a kill joy and expensive too.
    Like to shake load type it’s way faster when there’s a lot of pest to shoot.

    I have a FX Revo 22 ST and because of the above it’s the least favored to shot in my collection of PCP.
    It’s on par in the accracy devison but not the best or the most though.
    Not to sure if or when it needs fixing it’ll be worth to do ?

    Would be a lot more of intrest to know, want new things have you done with your FX today ?

    – Greg


    Greg thank you for saying it , we come here for experience, to learn about new guns and see photos. I only came to this thread to see what you posted because you contribute useful information.

    quote keyser soze:

    Greg thank you for saying it , we come here for experience, to learn about new guns and see photos. I only came to this thread to see what you posted because you contribute useful information.

    Thanks Brian,
    I appreciate all that ……… made my day coming from someone as well respected in the Gun/Airgun world like yourself !

    ~ Greg


    Opppssss I see airgun depot has walnut crowns listed in .177 for 1669.00. Still has the messed up mag though.


    The new CROWN has been in the hands of the chosen few, opinion makers, for several days. Anyone seen a shot string or accuracy report yet??

    Just asking
    LarryW :suprisedn:


    those are not production guns. you see they have names on them for the FX marketing campaign

    We've got another RDW coming soon and it gonna be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

    The fanboys are very excited. If you are one of them sure get one.


    OK, I’ll bite…what’s wrong with the FX magazine? Also, what’s wrong with smooth twist rifling? (Honestly, I don’t know and am looking for an education.)

    AirGun Depot is also selling FX now, so you don’t have to deal with Airguns Of Airizona to buy one.

    Larry, I saw Ted (Ted’s Holdover channel on Youtube), display some groups. They were impressive. He spoke of using JSB King Heave MK II pellets. He displays the groups at around 4:30.

    Cheers guys!
    R, Steve


    FX magazine?

    The price of one thing from 63 – 85 $ each.
    Cricket, Edgun, Mutant from 30 – 50 $ each.

    My FX Revo extra mag where $95 at the time I bought the gun the price has dropped to $63.
    My Cricket 8 mags where $240 and if today I where to equal that in shot count for my FX Revo it would cost $588, yesterday it would have been $886 (the price for a very good scope).

    Like I said above they take time to load each pellet into the mags.
    The Cricket type mag are faster to load when you have many pest to dispense.
    My speed loader takes about 30 seconds to load all 6 – 14 shot mags.

    In the field with the Spring loaded FX type mags I need someone there to load them while I’m shooting. :suprisedn:
    A great hunting feature on the non-spring type mags is that you can single side load them as well.

    Strange also if mags are used in speed silhouette shooting at EBR that you need to single load the 2 types of mags …. who’s running the show …. go figure ?

    The FX Crown doesn’t come standard with a the Smooth Twist ……..
    The new and improved X-Type sleeve barrel …….. which is an improvement on the ST according to FX I’m thinking, I could be wrong ?
    It’s ST all the way like a traditional rifled barrel from what I understand, but made from the outside inwards.

    I don’t feel that it’s my job to find the right barrel for my new gun that I’m buying.
    IDK why FX don’t work together with JSB to find the right barrel/twist rate combo for their pellets instead, which Edgun Ed did for us with his Matadors …. go figure again ….. $$$ ?

    Ted was born to impress and now in his adult life he does a great job at it too. :8:
    He gets nothing but the best out of his FX, even his Revo seems to be a lot more accurate than mines even if we spent the same time and money on it.

    One can just hope to get one as good, but dreaming for that would be foolishly throwing one’s good money on a roulette wheel.

    Just my :2cents: worth, good luck ………. and sweet dreams.

    ~ GReg


    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the response. I recognize that these guns are expensive. I don’t like the price if the magazines, but it goes with the territory. It does beg the question…does FX price their magazines high, or is that AOA sticking it to us again? Is there any problem with the fit or function of the FX magazine? I have AirArms, BSA, and Marauder magazines and they are slow to load; I’m used to it. I guess that I just haven’t experienced such a target rich environment; lucky you!

    I’m not thrilled with barrel sleeves either and FX should provide data as to which twist rate matches which pellets. They have put much time and energy into their guns and we certainly do our part when spending $2,000 on their guns.

    I know a guy who has a .22 caliber FX Cyclone and he loves it. He also has a Revolution and it was broken the day we went to the range with it. It seems like the semiauto FX guns break. That’s not cool.

    Oh, and another friend had a Revolution and it lost power. FX told him that it was within their specs and did nothing for him. That wasn’t cool either.

    Yes, the camera likes Ted. I enjoy his videos and am greatful to have him making them. He says he requests stock guns off the shelf like what we get, but I wonder if his off the shelf gun isn’t just a little bit better tuned and tested than what we get.

    Steve Shalley at AEAC also makes great videos as does that big guy from the UK, Giles. The Squirrel Hunter channel is good also. I don’t make videos so I don’t criticize those who do. It’s true though, some are just so bad as to be unwatchable.

    I’d like to hear from others who have experience with FX guns.

    Thanks again for the response Greg.
    R, Steve

    quote SteveinLA:

    OK, I’ll bite…what’s wrong with the FX magazine? (Honestly, I don’t know and am looking for an education)

    Hi SteveinLA their magazine is pretty fucking inconvenient to load. Not very innovative. I bought a FX .30 mag was going to build a gun around it till I found out how it loaded I said fuck that! Cost of mag at the time $108 Lol. most my 22xx based multi shot guns are marauder magazines.


    HI Mike,
    It’s good to hear from you. So, the FX magazine is more cumbersome to load than the marauder magazine? I find the marauder magazine to be a PIA, but they are reliable…as long as the little spring behaves itself. I have had the spring slip out of it’s retaining hole and then have to reset it.

    The original magazines for my .22 cal BSA Sportsman HV were the worst to load and was unreliable; it didn’t always advance. BSA came up with an improved magazine that seems to work OK. I don’t shoot that gun very often as my AirArms S510 carbine does so well for me. The AirArms magazines are very good, but the mechanism that advances the magazine can be problematic.



    The spring loaded type can get problematic at times, wish they where made the same way ……. well at least they should all turned to load in the same CW direction.
    If not u risk the chances of kinking that inner spring.

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    ~ GReg

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