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i can remember my first air rifle. 50 years ago a daisy pump gun with a peep sight boy was i in heaven. kinda like when my talon arrived!!!. kind of funny i graduated to rimfire then centerfire then i got into reloading now im back at the same point in my life. hmm. you guys are old enogh to vote right!! just checking. shoot safe youll shoot your eye out!

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Red Ryder type BB gun was my first as a kid. After that I got into action pistol shooting in the 80’s and picked up a Norica 56 for pesting, and I still have it today.

I’m one of the few young guys! 🙂 Yay!

As of so far. Started out with a little red ryder type BB gun. Graduated to a daisy 853 pellet gun (it was my sniper rifle compared to those bb guns). For a very short while I went to rimfires. Then, up until a few years ago, I got into video games. I went from that, back into airguns. Now, I’m into both air and fire. I love my big boom rifles, but for bacyard squirrels or anywhere that guns aren’t allowed, my condor is always handy. I’ve gotten more and more into powder burners, but from the looks of it, after a while I’ll probably come full circle into airguns again. 🙂

Started with am old b26 knock off as soon as I could sneak into my first gun show. Had to get some one to play dad. (hay mister) 8) Then like all moved on the .22s then center fires. Shot in a hand full of pistol competitions with a few retired CHP buddies. Have been reloading for a long time from .50 cal on down. Love to shoot. But I can say since I’ve got my condor I have not burned a stick of powder. But I’ve been throwing a lot of led. 😈 All in part to this site. Thanks for all the info and in site. “O” 32 this Saturday the 5th.

37 in Feb; How old is “Old Fart” old, WOK? Just want to know before i get there. 😉

My first ever shooting experience was a converted to full auto nylon66 22LR. Soon afterward my dad changed it back to normal, I now own that gun.

I shot 22LR until I was about 12, then bought a Daisy Powerline. Shot that for about 4 years, then bought a FWB 124 for my birthday, I forget which one though. I still own it.

I started in centerfires about the same time, went through just about every caliber from .388 on down in rifles, .44 on down in pistols. My favorite firearm of all time is my TC Contender in .22 hornet. That little sweetheart one-holes at 100 yards all day long.

The last 10 or so years have mostly been the FWB124 and my Custom 10/22. Since I bought the Condor in November 2007, Ive shot 13 tins of kodiak pellets, 2 tins JSBs, and 1 tin EunJins, a little over 3000 shots.

I have had this gun apart and back together so many times I feel like Forrest Gump when doing it. I just dont yell, “IM DONE DRILL SARGEANT”!! when Im done.

Most proud achievement so far, the old dead Oak tree my target board leans up against is almost shot in half. Condor power!!! 😈

Oh BTW, I will be 45 years in May. I still feel 12 though.

Me I went from Airguns to rimfire, center fire pistols mainly, reloading back to airguns. Airguns have always been there and seem to have longer staying power. Most my firearms just sit there and look pretty and only get used on occasion. The airguns get used all the time.

And I bet the average age of airgunners on this site is probably in their 30’s with plenty of us older folk and a very few of the youngsters.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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