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    I was shooting at some paper the other day, using my TSS on a AF bipod. I noticed that if I put any slight twisting moment into the bipod I could get a poi shift that was very repeatable.

    I would move the setup so I was aiming to the right a couple feet, then swing back onto the target and shoot. This would result in a pellet poi about 1/2 to the right. I could get the same result in the other direction to the left.

    I shoot from a carpeted bench/table, so that’s why I was able to get the bipod in torsion. I believe the flex is happening at the power wheel cutout. If I picked the bipod up and set it back down, I was right back on target.

    The bipod has some slop to allow side to side tilt/rock, but it seems to be fairly rigid against rotating. Has anyone come up with a way to prevent this torsion binding? Is there a better bipod that doesn’t exhibit this?

    Now that I’m aware of it, I lift and settle after getting POA approximate on a shot that has to count. When I’m plinking various targets, I still tend to forget about it though…

    I’d read all your complaints about frame flex, but I hadn’t experienced (or actually knew I experienced) it until now.



    You have discovered one of the nasty little things that changes POI.

    Any pressure in front of the foregrip with have an effect on the barrel inside.

    I do not use my bipod off of a bench. I keep all pressure on the foregrip any force directed to the frame can bugger your accuracy.


    Heh, and the funny part is that I would have thought a 1/2″ POI shift at 40 yards was pretty damn good, before I got the Talon that is…

    I’ll be careful to avoid flexure. Thanks WOK.


    I went through the leanring curve with mine on POI shifts and the only time I hold the foregrip is when shooting offhand and it’s more like laying it in my hand at that point. I have found that by adding press. by pushing forward while useing the bipod I can get the same POI with or with out the bipod. I hope that makes sense 😕

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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