FPS of my Talon SS

I was using SoftChrono and with the mic at 3′ and the target at 6′, I got 15 shots that were almost all 1000fps with the furthest away being 997fps. The power was at 10-10.

I turned it down to the lowest power setting, and I still got about 7 shots going at 1000fps. All of the rest were erratic and went anywhere between 960fps and 1000fps.

So why is it showing 1000fps when the power is turned down?
I know there are more efficient and proper ways to show you guys the stats.

So does this 1000fps at 10-10 sound right? What would you say a stock Talon SS would shoot at 1000fps with a 16 grain, .033 BC, .22 pellet?

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Yes, Ive heard of that program… may try to give it a spin someday myself with our laptop, sounds interesting. Let me (us) know how it works out. I’d like to learn more about that at some point.


I think I see what you’re saying… SoftChrono isn’t an actual chronograph, It’s a software program for computers that has something to do with measuring the decibels your gun puts out, with a microphone.

Oops sorry jooleyen I thought you meant your gun was actually shooting those numbers when you really meant the crono is not accurate. Wish I could help but I never had a crony of any kind so I don’t know much about how to calibrate/tweak them ect. Good luck tho.

So what settings in the program should I be changing to get the best fps estimation accuracy? If I’m trying to plug some numbers into an equation that requires the fps, could I use the number 850?


With a pellet like that you are going to be looking at 800fps + or –

You need to tweek something in the program

jooleyen quote: “So why is it showing 1000fps when the power is turned down?”

Assuming your SS is stock, and in .22, I’m wondering how you get those numbers on ANY power level!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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