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    Welcome J. R.
    Forum will be more active.
    Thanks for joining.


    Thanks fr the forum Tony! I haven’t been here for a while, since having to return to my business which I retired from (family member couldn’t handle it an nearly lost it all). Sorry to hear the forum is in a slump. I noticed the recent post section is missing now which used to be a real time saver in the digital world. That way you could log in and quickly see the new chatter, reply to what interest you and go on about your day or not. The loner it takes for a person to find what they haven’t seen before the less time they have for posting or browsing afterwards. The old advanced search would help that also.

    I hope this helps some in the way of suggestions. Thanks again for all that you do!


    Good to see you Mr. Porter..
    I am open to any suggestions to get the forum back up and running.
    Thanks, Tony


    It took me a few sessions of hypnotherapy just to recall my password here. And when I got back in… I find the old guys missing.. Hoot and the rest of the gang.

    Hey I am back.. or unless the virus takes me away. In fact, I am saving, trying to save… for the Prophet. But I have a feeling.. an RTI Arms Saint is coming… so let us ask the Prophet to confirm. The Priest and the even the choir is silent.


    Why don’t you enlighten us where you got this news from..

    Daniel Lancaster

    That would be awesome if they did put out another one. Because the prophet is amazing. Hey! Let’s get the paddles out and jump start this forum!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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