For all you guys with clean shops—————

My shop is a mess! This is my basement.

But I got a lot of good tools:

2 craftsman 12 inch lathes
surface grinder
verticle saw
horzontal saw
bench grinder
tool grinder
belt sander
rotary table
dividing head
300 pounds of drills
50 pounds of milling cutters


Its a mess, but i’ll have plenty of time to clean it up when i’am dead!!


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I must say, I am still loving the valve you made me.

Wholly crap that is a LOT of machines/tools!

I know I’ll be an outcast but I’d LOVE to have a neat clean well lit shop(which my be only a dream) someday. I hate having stuff all over and spending 75% of my time looking for soemthing I KNOW I have but damn if I can find it in the boxes/bins/drawers 😥


Clean shop= no work and all cleaning.

Dirty shop= all work and no cleaning.

Your getting stuff done, and that is what really counts!!! 😉

I’m always suspicious of an overly clean shop… 😆

Evil Genius at work….

Very nice.

I beat you bet you know were everything is. And that’s a great thing 😀

If you put stuff away you will never find it again until you buy another one.

They say”A dirty bench is a happy bench” Mine!, laughs at me all the time!

Now that feels like home…. 😆 😆 😆

It is going to be a long day when I decide to clean my shop…

god your shop looks like my bro inlaws lol he could loose a elephant in his lol .bet u know were everything is aswel .. 😀

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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