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FNG – Hello, and tell me about scuba tanks…

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    Howdy Gents,

    Guess I’m the FNG. I’ve been reading this forum for a while now and set up an account a day or two ago – this is my first post.

    My Condor SS just arrived today! It’s my second PCP (first was a Benjamin Discovery). After pumping the tank from 0-3000 psi with my handpump (FX4) it’s time to learn about scuba tanks… 😀

    I’ve read what I could find here on the board, but didn’t see answers to my big question: How many fills from a standard 80cf tank at 3000psi before the fills are noticeably lower (let’s say 2850 psi) filling the Condor’s 490cc tank?

    Thanks for all the good info available here, looking forward to learning and sharing more. (I’m pretty new to air’smithing, but have plenty of experience ‘smithing powder burners, and operation of metal working equipment).



    TO GENE T : (1) The number of shots that you will get from your Condor will depend on your power wheel setting .
    (2) To fill your tank on your Condor to 3000 psi you will need an alum. 80 scuba tank that will hold 4300 psi or your condor won’t fill to 3000 psi .
    A scuba tank rated at 3000 psi will not fill another tank to 3000 psi , it has to have a higher rating .
    (3) Now how many times will a scuba tank fill the air bottle on your rifle , I would say at least 70 times or better .
    I’am using an alum. 80 scuba tank rated at 3000 psi to fill the tank on my Talon SS and I have filled my tank at least 30 times so far and it really
    has’nt put a dent in my air supply in my scuba tank at all . Also I’ve been a certifide scuba diver for over forty years and I know what I’m talking
    about when it comes to scuba tanks .

    Hope this info will help : FROM : THE BIRDMAN


    Thanks Birdman! That’s the kind of info I was looking for. I know I wouldn’t truly get a full 3000psi, but the two tanks should reach equilibrium, right? So initially my fills (or yours) should be darn close to 3000, or am I missing something?



    MOST people do not fill to 3000. I used a scuba tank befor ebuying a compressor. You will get a few fills to 2800 psi and if you really want 3000 psi top off with pump. I found that filling to 2500 psi my condor was fine. fills are cheap especially when they realize your just topping off. its not a perfect system but works fine. If a scuba shop is near no worrries my guy charged $5 because I was just topping off.


    Welcome, Gene. You also might want to get a Hill pump. I have and FX 4 and it’s a lot quirkier, seems like it’s slower than Hill.They also tend toward sticky valves which fight you on the up stroke. Hill has a better moisture removal. 0-3000 psi with a hand pump is brutal, but topping off isn’t so bad.

    There are no fill stations out here, too rural. So it’s hand pump or get the whole compressor/tank setup… someday soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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