FMG airbullets

local made heavy bullets for .20cal… according to maker the modified .20cal BAM51 shoots 80fpe with those 50gr airbullets

Accuracy: 1″ at 50m
ES: 35
Shot string with 50gr’s (835, 844, 853, 850, 850, 842, 840, 833, 824, 818)

followed by some pic

(Resized to fit the screen. Click for larger pictures. – Tron)

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i to had a dream with the mold earlier this week i almost forgot about this, gives me hope again.

bumping to keep the dream alive. what happened to this project?

it has hollow base. seems the edge of head and skirt are riding on the rifling.

I did some chrnoy reading with my stock condor .20 and modified talon .20. both started with 180bar fill.

stock codor .20:
40gr @ 812fps about 59fpe
50gr @ 751fps about 63fpe

modified talon .20:
40gr @ 867fps about 67fpe
50gr @ 824fps about 76fpe

will do proper accuracy test when i have chance.

Thanks for the report, much appreciated.
The 40 gr. really shoots well.

Looking at the recovered slug, it appeared that only the after or heel portion driving band had engraved the rifleing. Does that match with your observation? Does the bullet have a larger diameter in the heel with most of the shank merely riding on the tops of the lands? Is there a hollow base?
I would sure like to buy some .22 or .25 Airbullets
Thanks, Gary

I will try and get my bore slugged ASAP. I have the TimW barrel/kit so I’m thinking around 75+fpe? I don’t have it up and running as of yet. I am hoping for 900+fps with the heavier slugs if that isn’t to much of a stretch.
The trade secret was modifying a mold to drop bullets/pellets of a larger diameter (like getting a .452 mold to drop .457).


Slug your bore and let me know the diameter. The bullets I make are .257 and do you have enough power to push them?
What was that trade secret again?

I think I know how those bullets could easily be made better.
The surface area/contact issue; if you used a bullet kneeler (such as the one on the Corbin site) on those bullets they would have much less contact surface while still providing a good seal. Like the Hornady Cowboy bullets.
I would love to try some .25 caliber 50+ grainers in my .25 Condor on the up-coming hog hunt in May. To take a small hog with my Condor would be pretty awesome and a real challenge. I think I would enjoy that more than taking a larger hog with a big-bore!
Unfortunately I have yet to find anyone that makes them for their own personal use to help me out; even after trying to help them out by sharing a valuable trade secret.
Anyone know any good folks making heavy .25 rounds that want to see one wind-up in a wild hogs dome? I am going to do my best to get it on video.

here r 4 different weight FMG bullets in 30gr/35gr/40gr/50gr, they came well packed and clearly labled.

all the bullets are quite well made, very easy to chamber in my AR with .20cal walther barrel, this is 50gr, it’s too long for mag but no problem for single shot tray.

i hav set my AR’s stricker to maxmum clearance but found no power has inceased compare with previously setting, but shot numbers drop very quickly and too much recoil followed when trigger pulled. i hav no tool in the feild to set it back so i had to leave it like that and shoot with it… at 50m away…

the gun is very hard to manage becoz of recoil, even my trusted EJ don’t wanna group well today. 24gr @ 948fps.

first FMG bullet i tried was 30gr, but i didn’t get much luck with it… they seem very unpredicable in my current setup.

also tried 35gr, slightly better than 30gr but still not reliable in my setup,

becoz of my gun can’t push that much power to stablize the 50gr, so it tembling and don’t group at all. i can miss a box at 50m… few times…

out of 4 different weight bullets, 40gr performed well in my setup today, it was very windy in the field and the gun jumps so hard, but i m happy with what i see. here is 5 shots grouping at 50m.

another group with 40gr. it doing 746fps in my AR and the POI is only 1 mil-dot lower than EJ at the same distance with 24x scope. my AR isn’t in ideal condition when doing this bullet test but i m impressed with FMG 40gr so far. they hit very hard and both penetration and knock down power are amazing. i broke a rock to 2 pieces from 50m away.

ej 24gr & fmg 40gr recovered from office plasticine.

These could make me go back to .20! The wind is always blowing here.

Can’t in .22 yet, testing is being done with .20 cal. I’m hoping to see these available soon in .22 or .25 for others. Seems like the right kind of ammo for some hunting situations. Like long range, windy or larger game.

Sweet! They’er looking better and better!

Where can we buy these?

hmmm that tear looks suspciously like florida


the FMG bullet maker post following test last week with details:

“we shot some .22 silhouettes on the range at 80m. we had 2x .22 Rimfires, 1x BAM .20 and 1x FMG BAM .20 Custom. I must say, I was very worried about possible tumbling or inaccuracy at that distance and certainly never wanted to make my name “ass” seeing that Andre from Hillcrest Guns was with us to witness the 80fpe FMG phenomenon! To my delight, the FMG’s matched the .22 rimmies on accuracy shot for shot (it was amazing). Andre took a few shots with my FMG BAM and was surprised at the recoil with its silencer removed. At last, I can honestly say that even at 80m these Air Bullets are great. Here are the “Real Life Stats”.

2x .22 Rimfire’s shooting 36grn subsonic rounds @ approx 85fpe (1050fps)
25 Shots @ 50 and 80m silhouettes = 100% hit
Scope Zero – 50m
POI Drop at 50m = 0
POI Drop at 80m = Neglegable

1x FMG BAM .20 Custom shooting 50grn FMG’s @ approx 80fpe (850fps)
25 Shots @ 50 and 80m silhouettes = 100% hit
Scope Zero = 35m
POI Drop at 50m = 0
POI Drop at 80m = 3″

1x BAM .20 shooting 40grn FMG’s @ approx 55fpe (785fps)
25 Shots @ 50 and 80m silhouettes = 100% hit
Scope Zero = 35m
POI Drop at 50m = 0
POI Drop at 80m = 3″

tested on .22 silhouette in two types, 1″ square and 3″ square. We we shooting at both

if use 40gr the BAM .20 can push up to 950fps

the end “

If i ever tried this it would have to be with a proven design. i Have heard nothing about the dies from corbin nor anyone who has tried them. I have heard they are availabke from them. But whos going to drop $300+ for a item which has had no trial runs. Emouse has somethig going on but he is only going to make some for friends of his. Now we have boondock who i PM’ed about it and haven’t heard a thing back. I’d like to get my hands on some dies which have a proven design in .22, .25 cal and start making pellets for guys. we 30g, 40g, and 50g someone said 60g for the .25 😆 we do need some heavier pellets, thats for sure.

DNC, have you considered 9mm roundballs?? It would get you started cheaply and round balls are reputed to out penetrate the other designs and have the plus of being the oldest projectile design. except maybe a stone, or flint point for spear/arrow. Its what cannons threw and were inaccurate till they figured out the bore of the cannon need to be rifled to put the correct spin on the round projectile. Then they became scarry accurate. Just saw a show on the history channel not long ago.

Also i know this a .22lr round will not fit in our bores, now .218 just might i have looked at hunting/outdoor store which cater to reloading and haveb’t found a .218 yet. I also think i’d like to have a look at the underside of Boondocks air bullet and see what he has under there. Isuspect a void to capture some air?? Would only make sence.

Knifemaker, i too would like to see some longer range shots, boondock has posted video of him shooting (i forget what pellet) .20 from 140-150yds. So i know hes a good shot how much more are they going to open up from 50-75 and 75-100yds especially with the BC that is labeled on them. I look at them and think they might not fly right either. Its only that its Boondock posting and hes not known to be a BS’er. What is the distance from the end of the barrel to the topedge of the tophat, in mm’s? Me thinks 17mm is getting long.

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