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    I have been using a new to me way of removing moisture lately and it works great. Here it is. I use my craftsman 30 gallon oil less compressor as the first stage then though a coiled 3/8″ plastic line to another 3/8″ copper line which is coiled up and laid inside my chest freezer then to my descant filter then to my shoebox compressor. The copper line is coiled like the plastic line you can buy from harbor freight and is stretched from one side to the other just under the freezer lid and it seals perfectly when you close the lid. I did this do to when I was in the navy on board ship we had refrigerated air dryers for the radar systems and I thought if I could lower the temperature of the air enough to get moisture to freeze to the inside of the copper line then I would be removing some moisture before my desiccant dryer. I take the copper line out of the freezer every time I lube the pistons on my shoebox and let air blow through it from the craftsman compressor until it warms up and blows any moisture out then I hook it back up and start again. I have the first stage air lines on quick disconnects so as to be easy to service. I live in the Texas panhandle so the humidity here is usually pretty low.


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    When I was a toddler my grandfather had something like that in the basement. He had a couple different stages where the moisture filled a bath tub in the first floor bathroom. He had help getting rid of it but actually had the bathtub drain connected to a faucet on the outside by the driveway. People would knock at the back door and hand some money to my grand mother. Then they would fill a bucket from the outside faucet and leave. Even the Detroit cops helped get rid of that excess moisture. I wish they had passed down the recipe. What saw that you were making board ship ❓

    I’ve topped off my 97 cuft tank a couple times and the 3 HF desiccant things have alread turned pale instead of blue. So I added an expensive high pressure filter fron Koe Brancato to the output of the ShoeBox compressor. But I still need the input filtered as the excess moisture here in central NW Ohio has been real bad.

    I have about 15′ of 1/4″ copper tubing. Does anyone know if that is to small ❓
    ❓ Any pictures ❓


    Here is a link to a post I did a while ago on how to get real dry air for a hand pump. I don’t see why the same approach would not work for a compressor. Perhaps you would just need to use a larger diameter coil. Check it out.


    Darn it, I’m only getting 3-4 top offs to my great white before my 3 Harbor Freight carcinogenic purple dessicant moisture traps turn pale. They work but I haven’t seen any at HF for some time or I would add 3 more in series. Brfore I started using them I had corrosion problems with a hand pump and then my shoebox compressor. Maybe it’s because I live next to a reservoir.

    Because i bought a more expensive import a .22 Vulcan, I added an expensive high pressure moisture filter between the ShoeBox and my tanks but that doesn’t protect the ShoeBox.

    I wonder if the copper tubing coil will work in line from my 85-90 PSI 1st stage compressor to the ShoeBox ❓
    Even if I put the copper coil in a tub of ice is it likely to freeze up or otherwise not work considering the large volume of air meeded to top off over 100 cuft. of tanks at 4500 PSI ❓ ❓ ❓

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