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    After reading this thread my interest was VERY high.
    As luck would have it a guy at work had an Argos 6-24 newly mounted to his .223 AR build. After some first hand observations I can agree this is a seriously nice optic for the price point.. it’s a seriously nice scope period, so I was hooked. I unloaded my Primary Arms 4-14×44 R-Grid FFP to the same fella at work and set off to purchase my own Athlon.

    Now at this point I want to say that my primary arms was an excellent scope with very good glass I would say very close to that of the Argos…
    Now I’m not going to claim to be an expert of any kind but I have had my hands on and my eyes through a good share of $200-$800 scopes both 1st and 2nd focal..
    The only issue that I had with my primary arms scope was forcing myself to fall in love with a Chevron and horseshoe … as much as I wanted to I just could not.

    Anyway after reading up on the Argos in visiting the Athlon website I found myself enamored with the next model up.. the Helos.. these go about $570
    With the added bonus of locking turrets and what I considered to be a more appealing rheostat location.
    I decided to pull the trigger.

    The man in the brown van drop the Box this afternoon and although I have been quite busy today I did manage to toss it on the gun and get some good looks around outside before sundown.

    I am ecstatic.. this thing is an absolute Beauty!
    The glass is amazingly clear I can say it is better than my primary arms for sure.. the weather was a bit nicer today then it was the day I was looking through the Argos so I cannot say definitively that the glasses any better than that of the Argos but looking around today at 24x for the first time I had zero disappointment and what I was seeing Through my lens.. I am judging this by a street sign that my Nikon Rangefinder tells me is 513 yards out..
    I can see it with a level of clarity that I have not experienced thus far.. the most impressive part to me was the edge to edge view on full power.. it seemed to be far less I fussy than Scopes I’ve owned in the past.

    This is by far the most excited I have been about a scope it doesn’t hurt having the warranty this thing does either lol.

    Just want to say thanks Knife…
    Your thread is what got me interested in the first place.
    I think this is going to be a match made in heaven for the 25


    Thanks Knife maker
    Its been a while but just a big thanks for your write up on the scope, Its a beauty on the 25 Veteran short,
    The more I shoot with the scope the more I like it, ,
    Good guns have to have good scopes, Everybody knows that.


    What mount did you use for this scope? Thanks for causing me to spend Mo Money….


    Hello knife maker.
    What mounting rings did you use to mount this scope ? I would like to purchase the correct ones the first time as the scope has already arrived.
    Thank you


    I had to use the high mount for my bell to clear the gun.
    One bad ass scope
    I have made shots with this on my little 25 shorty , That have me saying WOW, 1/2 scope 1/2 gun ?


    Thank you for your reply. I already went ahead and purchased a set of medium and high Burris rings…
    and these adaptors that I’ve used before.
    With the medium rings and my cheek weld the scope bell is almost touching. Higher would be a choice for more adjustment butt I like to have the scope as close as possible to the bore. My wish is that the mount would be closer butt I didn’t make the rifle.


    quote Rrdstarr:

    You guys are twisting my rubber arm to buy the Argos or the Midas!

    Anybody have the Midas in 4.5 X 27 X 50?

    Wound up buying. Burris XTR II 8 x 40!

    Blew the budget till next year for a scope!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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