Finally,,shot my 909S.

Last night i installed my foster fitting from Leroy,and filled to 2,700 psi. At lunch time today,all i wanted to do is let-off 5 shots and check pressure used in those 5 shots. Now, with no manual,no experiance in this rifle,i loaded 1 ball,hornady ,457. I,m not shooting chrony or for groups just want pressure .
Target is a wet 2×12 at 18 yds. i pull back bolt ,take aim, sweeze trigger.It sounded some what powerfull,but not what i expected,so i shot 2 more same results ,just not loud like i heard people say. So, i loaded 4 rd. and when i pulled bolt back, it come back farther to me, scoped target, sqeesed trigger and Booooom, damn that was loud,but i already wasted my power on first 3 shot,so no shots went thru 2×12. I tried to hand pump it back up,but leaked faster than i could pump,so tonight i tightened fitting alittle more and used tape and filled with scuba tank, and tomorrow i will pull bolt all the way back, and hopefully go thru that plank. 😀

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Yep the gun has two power settings depending on how far back you cock it.
You can fill it to 2900-3000psi and it should get more power, too.

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