Final .25 settings and performance

Well installed the factory new Condor hammer with the extra weight and new valve plus my Polygonal .25 barrel and am trying to find the sweet spots so l would really appreciate some help and feedback. I have the PW set at 2 and am getting around 1000 fps with the 31 grains Kodiaks and around 970 fps with the 37 grain .25 EJ’s.

– What is a good tophat setting for the new Condor valve?
– Best fill pressure?
– A shot string of .25 pellet chrony.
– Velocity to expect for 31 Kodiaks and 37, 42 grain Eun Jins?
– Average number of shots per tank?

Thanks very much, Randy.

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How are the kodiaks grouping??? Back off the setscrews on the tophat and have a look at the stem to see if any damage has been done to the stem, i’ve read AF torques those set screws down to tight leaving impressions in the stem itself. So much so guys have been reluctant to adjust their tophat on a condor valve??? No chrony???Sounds like a hot rig, how many shots are you getting now compared to before?? I would think more with a lighter hammer and new valve.

Keep us/me posted on this Randy, you’ve done very well in the past getting your .22 condor with old valve configuration setup to be a monster. Might get me looking at a 18″ .25 as i have a Blodnob valve it would be a sweet setup.

Randy …… are you kidding us here at TAF? That set up sounds like something we envy. Seems alls good to me. Man….. you must be stoked with stats like that. 8) 8)


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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