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    I’ve filled my Talon SS a couple (probably about 7) of times already. It didn’t really need the refilling, but I wanted to get the hang of it and I was changing distances between 10 and 35 yards so I wanted to make sure that it would be filled. Now it will only fill to about 2700psi and no more. Do you think the SCUBA tank is getting low on air? already?




    Your on 7 fills, sounds like quite a few to me, i’m on 5 fills and about 500 pellets, with the pump only…

    Sounds like your having a good time to me!! 8)

    I take it your happy with your new toy? I couldn’t be happier with mine, i’m even toying with the idea of getting a Condor… 😈


    If your scuba tank stops filling at 2700psi, you only have 2700 psi left in your scuba tank….


    oh, okay. So it’s not the volume of air, it’s the pressure required to fill the little tank. So the scuba tank will not go empty?



    You could technically empty it into the Talon tank but at some point the finished fill pressure of the Talon tank would be below the required pressure to put rounds on target…

    Say you do another fill to 2700, the scuba tank may be 2500 after the fill, then you fill the little tank again to 2500 then the scuba tank will be around 2200 and so on and so forth…

    At some point the rifle will be underpowered this will occur before the scuba tank is depleted…

    What is your top hat setting?


    I don’t know what the tophat setting is. I’ll have to look into that more. I don’t really want anything having to do with taking the gun apart where there are springs and crap. I don’t think you have to with the tophat, but I just got it and haven’t messed with anything yet. I’m still trying to man-up and stick some junk in the shroud to make it quieter.


    Jools, the trick is to measure the top hat gap to see if it is using too much air and only adjust if it isn’t set close to correct.

    The reason I mentioned it was that my top hat was set way too far out and I gained quite a few shots per fill when I closed the gap a little…

    It took me some time before I actually did it… 😀


    There is a great explaination of the tophat and its adjustment under the TALON SS heading. It is on page 2 and is titled “What’s a tophat?” There are links to pictures and instructions. It is not difficult and only requires the proper allen wrench, and a measuring device, (dial calipers, feeler gauge, or micrometer…whatever you are comfortable with).

    It does sound like you are having fun with your toy! Excellent!

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