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I am about to purchase the Talon in .177 and a 24″ barrel and I would like to know if it will be good enough to shoot Field Target matches.

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Hi Everett, Do you like doing some tweaking and testing? if YES I think you’ll be able to setup a pretty decent Field Target (FT) gun…you can cut your learning curve down a lot by reading some of mine and others testing to see how we are getting a lot of consistant shots(name of the FT game)…You’ll prolly still spend a weekend or two with the chrony testing pellets, Power Wheel settings and getting the tophat set just right but when you do I think you’ll have a competative gun.

I’ll probably mess with this this weekend but I’m thinking filling to 3,000 psi is NOT best for consistancy and maybe only filling to 2,500’ish might be best??? I’ll do a bunch of shot strings prolly starting off from 2,000psi then 2,100psi, 2,200psi… tune it to 19 fpe and see how it does for 60 shots at each fill pressure.

My Dad and I are trying out some .177 FT setups…here is some testing I’ve started on. http://talonairgun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1798 I’ve got some more numbers to post and a crapload more testing to do but it is looking pretty good.

Rob3dr has an 18″ barrel setup he is getting I think 60 consistant shots out of…and he was pretty happy about it…he has a post on his setup on here.

My Dads setup is a 24″ barrel, talon valve, ZOS 10-40×50 scope, trigger job, shroud and hand made target gun style wood stock…plus a ton of little tweaks but he hasn’t shot is a lot yet. He’s still tweaking the shroud…I’m curious how his is going to turn out and what fps we are going to be able to get 60 consistant shots out of it? he’s not a typer so he doesn’t post much.


To make my condor regulated I use a CO2 adapter with HPA paint ball tanks that output 1100 to 1350 psi.

Well, it’s not a match rifle, but accurate…
check the regulations though, over here we have a 20 fpe rule which is maximum for FT competitions.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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