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    I’m looking to get into field target shooting thanks to Photo22 and Lonie over the weekend… 😆

    My quest is a capable field target rifle for under $750, what do you guys think is good for a limited budget…? 😯




    PCP or springer?

    Springer AA TX200 or so I hear. And for PCP a AA400 in .177 will do the job or a Logun Solo. These are the ones a lot of guys reccomend who know more then I do about FT 😀


    I’m thinking I would like to get into this as well. I found this link with more info on FT


    OK, i’m going to open up the budget, say 1200 MAX!!!!
    PCP type of rifle…

    I like this….
    BEEMAN / FWB P700 Basic

    Is this good?

    That aafta site recommends…

    Piston Rifles
    Air Arms TX200 & TX200SR
    Air Arms Pro Sport
    Beeman HW77/97
    Beeman R1 / HW80
    Beeman R11 / HW98
    Beeman R9 / HW95
    Beeman/FWB 124
    Whiscombe JW75
    Whiscombe JW60

    Pre-charge Pneumatic Rifles
    Air Arms RN10
    Air Arms Pro Target
    Air Arms NJR100
    Air Arms SM100
    Beeman Mako
    Daystate CR97
    Daystate CR94
    Daystate Huntsman
    Daystate LR90
    FWB P70
    Ripley AR5


    The AA 410E with the single shot adapter gets my vote…

    The AA 4XX is an awesome rifle and very accurate.. and the multishot (410) is not much more than the single shot (400) so to me is seems prudent to get the multi.


    If you have the $3000…go for this one! 😈

    The butt can REALLY be adjusted…

    Then put a
    Nikko Sterling 10-50×60 on it (ONLY another $700.00) and IF you can hold it/shoot it right, you will always win….the gun outshoots the shooter!


    Hi JW that gun(While freaking AWSOME looking) is only 5 fpe 🙁 ….no good for field target at all. Minimum 12 fpe for European FT and some US or more likely 20 fpe for US Field Target. A gun that is adjustable would be perfect so you could use it in both.

    Check this link out… it’s the Yellows FT forum. Some really nice and informative guys on here.

    I was thinking the same as you and ended up getting a Daystate Air Wolf in .177 supposedly as good of accuracy as you can get, adjustable from below 12 fpe to 20 fpe, 180 shots @ 20 fpe and around 350 shots at 12 fpe, it also has a VERY effective built in shroud/silencer and electronic trigger(just amazing)….only problem is they are $2k and not specifically set up for FT….

    Now there are at least 3 of us on here setting up Talons in a Field Target setup. Rob3dr has a REALLY nice setup with 18″ .177 barrell and sounds like he has it about completely worked out. My Dad has a NICE setup coming along with some custom wood front and rear target stock he made, 24″ .177 and full shroud, full trigger job. He is just working on getting 60+ consistant shots @ 19.5 fpe, he’s also using a ZOS 10-40×50 illuminated mil-dot scope(I got from Boondock). I’m setting up a very similar gun to my Dads now and will have some initial shot stiring numbers this weekend if the weather holds out.

    This is Rob’s gun. Freaking sweet!

    Someones FT setup…don’t know who though…



    JW that sounds great 😀 . IMO you should start off slow to see if you like the sport. Look into maybe a springer first and shoot it to see if this is going to be for you, then go for the PCP. And if you don’t like FT, you will have a great spring gun in your collection. I’m still waiting for my HW97 to come back from the tuner, but my S410 worked out great for me by winning the PCP class for 2007. My plan is to shoot my HW97 in 2008 and you should come to a match to see how things work in FT. If you go with a PCP first, your looking at up to $1000 or maybe more to get setup with gun,scope,fill tank an hose/gauge and fittings.

    Good spring guns are in .177cal:



    LG110 FT …this would be my #1 choice for a FT gun if you can find one….flipping LOVE this gun.

    Oh yea and with the Nikko 10-50×60 frigging bad ass scope.


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