Anyone know how many fills to expect from a 44cf 4500 psi tank on the af tanks filling from 1800-2800psi? Pomona Airguns running a special on this smaller tank (325.00 w/ gauge, adapter and fill hose). Tank weighs only 11 pounds or so. Seems like a good deal just want to make sure it would give enough fills to be worthwhile. To make the deal better, they are offering a tradein credit of 175.00 toward a replacement tank when it passes its 10 yrs remaining service life.

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Found this today:


used 44cf 4500psi carbon fiber composite. Mfg date 2000. 7 years service life remaining. $150.00. Might order one. Still looking at options.

i would love to have a compressor to, was thinkin of buying used but compressors are high mantance, and if someone abused it they are a waste, so i want a new one. also i am takeing donations

I’m sort of tempted to spend the 2k on a compressor.

I just took my 66 in to get her filled. Seems to have lasted forever before needing refill. Only way to go is CF 4500PSI.



quote Sotxguy:

This might be helpful: http://www.airhog.com/tank.htm

THANKS. Knew I’d seen that calculator somewhere but couldn’t remember where.

This might be helpful: http://www.airhog.com/tank.htm

You get about 15 fills I believe then partial fills after that. What I do is fill the majority of air from a scuba then top off with the CF tank. It is great when you are traveling.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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